Library Liaisons

The library liaison serves as the primary contact person for faculty and for students taking classes in a particular department or program.

Library Liaisons Are available to help with:

  • Research Assistance
  • Library Instruction
  • Collection Development
  • Library Resources and Services

Besides the liaison phone number this list has links to full liaison contact, research guides for every department and the academic department home pages.

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Department/Program Liaison (Contact) Research Guides for Department Phone
Anthropology Lydia Willoughby Anthropology Resources 257-3653
Art Education Madeline Veitch Art Education Resources 257-3774
Art History Madeline Veitch Art History Resources 257-3774
Art Studio Madeline Veitch Art Studio Resources 257-3774
Asian Studies Matthew Laudicina Asian Studies Resources 257-3707
Athletic & Wellness Colleen Lougen Athletic & Wellness Resources 257-3729
Biology Madeline Veitch Biology Resources 257-3774
Black Studies Lydia Willoughby Black Studies Resources 257-3653
Business Colleen Lougen Business Resources 257-3729
Career Resource Center Anne Deutsch Career Research Guide 257-3706
Center for Student Success Anne Deutsch Center for Student Success 257-3706
Chemistry   Chemistry Resources  
Communication & Media Valerie Mittenberg Communication Resources 257-3703
Communication Disorders Anne Deutsch Communication Disorders Resources 257-3706
Computer Science Kristy Lee Computer Science Resources 257-3769
Digital Media & Journalism Valerie Mittenberg Digital Media & Journalism Resources 257-3703
Disability Resource Center Kristy Lee   257-3769
Disaster Studies (IDMH) Megan Coder Disaster Studies Resources 257-3736
Economics Colleen Lougen Economics Resources 257-3719
Educational Administration Steve Macaluso Educational Administration Resources 257-2699
Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) Anne Deutsch EOP Resources 257-3706
Educational Studies/Sp. Ed. Anne Deutsch Educational Studies Resources 257-3706
Electrical & Computer Engineering   Engineering Resources  
Elementary Education Steve Macaluso Elementary Education Resources 257-2699
English Lydia Willoughby English Literature Resources 257-3653
English Language Program (ESL) Matthew Laudicina ESL Resources 257-3707
Environmental Studies Megan Coder Environmental Studies Resources 257-3736
Languages, Literatures & Cultures Steve Macaluso Foreign Languages Resources 257-2699
Geography Lydia Willoughby Geography Resources 257-3653
Geology Emma Clausen Geology Resources 257-3705
History Matthew Laudicina American History 257-3707
Honors Program Valerie Mittenberg   257-3703
International Programs Steve Macaluso   257-2699
Latin American Studies Steve Macaluso Latin American Studies Resources 257-2699
Linguistics Steve Macaluso Linguistics Resources 257-2699
Mathematics Colleen Lougen Mathematics Resources 257-3729
Music Steve Macaluso Music Resources 257-2699
Philosophy Valerie Mittenberg Philosophy Resources 257-3703
Photography Madeline Veitch Photography 257-3774
Physics/Astronomy   Physics Resources  
Political Science & International Relations Anne Deutsch Political Science Resources 257-3706
Psychology Megan Coder Psychology Resources 257-3736
Secondary Education Anne Deutsch Secondary Education Resources 257-3706
Sociology Lydia Willoughby Sociology Resources 257-3653
Theatre Arts Emma Clausen Theatre Arts Resources 257-3705
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Morgan Gwenwald Women's Studies Resources 257-3677

For more information about the Library Liaison Program please contact Morgan Gwenwald  257-3677