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B - The Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Shelves      Call numbers begin with B
Towards non-being : the logic and metaphysics of intentionality / Graham Priest. 
The empire of habit : John Locke, discipline, and the origins of liberalism / John Baltes. 
Nietzsche's journey to Sorrento : genesis of the philosophy of the free spirit / Paolo d'Iorio ; tra  …
Thomas Jefferson, revolutionary : a radical's struggle to remake America / Kevin R.C. Gutzman. 
Surfing uncertainty : prediction, action, and the embodied mind / Andy Clark. 
Identity : the necessity of a modern idea / Gerald Izenberg. 
On folding : towards a new field of interdisciplinary research / Michael Friedman and Wolfgang Schä  …
Generations of feeling : a history of emotions, 600-1700 / Barbara H. Rosenwein, Loyola University C  …
Stepping off the relationship escalator : uncommon love and life / Amy Gahran. 
Stepping off the relationship escalator : uncommon love and life / Amy Gahran. 
Testosterone rex : myths of sex, science, and society / Cordelia Fine. 
American prophets : seven religious radicals and their struggle for social and political justice / A  …
The Norse myths : a guide to the gods and heroes / Carolyne Larrington. 
The study Quran : a new translation and commentary / Seyyed Hossein Nasr editor-in-chief ; Caner K.  …
Subject to death : life and loss in a Buddhist world / Robert Desjarlais. 


C - The History of Civilization, Archeology & Biography Shelves      Call numbers begin with C
Medievalism : a manifesto / Richard Utz. 
The stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit / Michael Finkel. 


D - The History: General and World History Shelves      Call numbers begin with D
Black earth : the Holocaust as history and warning / Timothy Snyder. 
Sioux code talkers of World War II / Andrea M. Page. 
Living in the Ottoman realm : empire and identity, 13th to 20th centuries / edited by Christine Isom  …
Survivors club : the true story of a very young prisoner of Auschwitz / Michael Bornstein and Debbie  …
Shoot like a girl : one woman's dramatic fight in Afghanistan and on the home front / Mary Jennings  …
Borneo studies in history, society and culture / Victor T. King, Zawawi Ibrahim, Noor Hasharina Hass  …


E - The History: America Shelves      Call numbers begin with E
Fear and the shaping of early American societies / edited by Lauric Henneton, L.H. Roper. 
The Oxford handbook of Asian American history / edited by David K. Yoo and Eiichiro Azuma. 
So conceived and so dedicated : intellectual life in the Civil War-era north / edited by Lorien Foot  …
Indian art of the Americas at the Art Institute of Chicago / Richard Townsend ; with contributions b  …
Red pedagogy : Native American social and political thought / Sandy Grande. 
Upward, Not Sunwise : Resonant Rupture in Navajo Neo-Pentecostalism / Kimberly Jenkins Marshall. 
The Powhatan landscape : an archaeological history of the Algonquian Chesapeake / Martin D. Gallivan  …


F - The History: America- Regional, State Shelves      Call numbers begin with F
A persistent revolution : history, nationalism, and politics in Mexico since 1968 / Randal Sheppard.  …
Dollar diplomacy by force : nation-building and resistance in the Dominican Republic / Ellen D. Till  …
Longing for the bomb : Oak Ridge and atomic nostalgia / Lindsey A. Freeman. 
Borderwall as architecture : a manifesto for the U.S.-Mexico boundary / Ronald Rael ; Foreword by Te  …


G - The Geography, Earth Sciences, Anthropology, Recreation Shelves      Call numbers begin with G
You are here NYC : mapping the soul of the city / Katharine Harmon. 
Sustainability, citizenship in cities : theory and practice / edited by Ralph Horne, John Fien, Beau  …
African American folklore : an encyclopedia for students / Anand Prahlad, editor. 


H - The Social Sciences Shelves      Call numbers begin with H
Financial crises,1929 to the present / Sara Hsu, assistant professor of Economics, Sate University o  …
The revenge of analog : real things and why they matter / David Sax. 
Toxic inequality : how America's wealth gap destroys mobility, deepens the racial divide, & threaten  …
Beyond $15 : immigrant workers, faith activists, and the revival of the labor movement / Jonathan Ro  …
Category management principles / Dr. Russell J. Zwanka and Dr. Brian F. Harris. 
Category management principles / Dr. Russell J. Zwanka and Dr. Brian F. Harris. 
Sell with a story : how to capture attention, build trust and close the sale / Paul Smith. 
The network imperative : how to survive and grow in the age of digital business models / Barry Liber  …
Federal taxation in America : a history / W. Elliot Brownlee, University of California, Santa Barbar  …
Taxing the rich : a history of fiscal fairness in the United States and Europe / Kenneth Scheve and  …
Irresistible : the rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked / Adam Alter.  …
Wounded city : violent turf wars in a Chicago barrio / Robert Vargas. 
Free women, free men : sex, gender, feminism / Camille Paglia. 
Intersectionality : origins, contestations, horizons / Anna Carastathis. 
Feminism is queer : the intimate connection between queer and feminist theory / Mimi Marinucci. 
Human trafficking : a reference handbook / Alexis A. Aronowitz. 
Queering the countryside : new frontiers in rural queer studies / edited by Mary L. Gray, Colin R. J  …
Wish lanterns : young lives in new China / Alec Ash. 
How to kill a city : gentrification, inequality, and the fight for the neighborhood / Peter Moskowit  …
Learning from Shenzhen : China's post-Mao experiment from special zone to model city / edited by Mar  …
Homelessness in New York City : policymaking from Koch to de Blasio / Thomas J. Main. 
Environmental crime in transnational context : global issues in green enforcement and criminology /  …
When police kill / Franklin E. Zimring. 
The power of different : the link between disorder and genius / Gail Saltz, M.D. 


J - The Political Science Shelves      Call numbers begin with J
On tyranny : twenty lessons from the twentieth century / Timothy Snyder. 
Politics against domination / Ian Shapiro. 
The shadow of unfairness : a plebeian theory of liberal democracy / Jeffrey Edward Green. 
Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America / Ari Berman. 
A history of International Relations Theory / Torbjørn L. Knutsen. 
International pecking orders : the politics and practice of multilateral diplomacy / Vincent Pouliot  …
US politics and the United Nations : a tale of dysfunctional dynamics / Alynna J. Lyon. 


K - The Law Shelves      Call numbers begin with K
Unwarranted : policing without permission / Barry Friedman. 
International law and empire : historical explorations / edited by Martti Koskenniemi, Walter Rech,  …


L - The Education Shelves      Call numbers begin with L
Girl rising : changing the world one girl at a time / Tanya Lee Stone in association the GirlRising.  …


N - The Fine Arts Shelves      Call numbers begin with N
Schwitters Miró Arp / edited by Dieter Buchhart. 
Paik's virtual archive : time, change, and materiality in media art / Hanna B. Hölling. 
Manifestos and polemics in Latin American modern art / edited and translated by Patrick Frank. 
Abstract expressionism / edited by David Anfam ; texts: David Anfam, Jeremy Lewison, Carter Ratcliff  …
Radiant child : the story of young artist Jean-Michel Basquiat / Javaka Steptoe. 
William Merritt Chase : a modern master / Elsa Smithgall [and four others] ; with a foreword by D. F  …
Paul McCarthy / Kristine Stiles, Ralph Rugoff, Massimiliano Gioni, Robert Storr. 
Betye Saar : uneasy dancer / edited by Mario Mainetti. 
The apparently marginal activities of Marcel Duchamp / Elena Filipovic. 
Flows and counterflows : globalisation in contemporary art / Marcus Verhagen ; editor: Niamh Dunphy.  …
Flows and counterflows : globalisation in contemporary art / Marcus Verhagen ; editor: Niamh Dunphy.  …
Drawing your own path : 33 practices at the crossroads of art and meditation / John F. Simon, Jr.  …
A history of Chinese art / translated by Simon Yin and Jane Elliott. 
Yayoi Kusama : give me love / Yayoi Kusama. 
Imprisoned : drawings from Nazi concentration camps / [edited by] Arturo Benvenuti ; foreword by Pri  …
Psychology, art, and antifascism : Ernst Kris, E.H. Gombrich, and the politics of caricature / Louis  …
The face of Britain : a history of the nation through its portraits / Simon Schama. 
I.M.A.G.I.N.E. peace now : the Innovative Merger of Art and Guns to Inspire New Expressions of peace  …
The image of the black in African and Asian art / David Bindman, Suzanne Preston Blier, and Henry Lo  …
Fallen glory : the lives and deaths of history's greatest buildings / James Crawford. 
Never built New York / Greg Goldin, Sam Lubell ; foreword by Daniel Libeskind. 
Architecture and empire in Jamaica / Louis P. Nelson. 
Della Robbia : sculpting with color in Renaissance Florence / Marietta Cambareri, with contributions  …
Graphic design in urban environments / Robert Harland. 
Hokusai's lost manga / Sarah E. Thompson. 
The art of the Qurʼan : treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts / Massumeh Farhad and  …
The painted book in Renaissance Italy : 1450-1600 / Jonathan J.G. Alexander. 
Francis Picabia : our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction / Anne Umland and Cathér  …
Jan Gossart and the invention of Netherlandish antiquity / Marisa Anne Bass. 
The ceramics reader / edited by Andrew Livingstone and Kevin Petrie. 
The feminist uncanny in theory and art practice / Alexandra M. Kokoli. 


P - The Language and Literature Shelves      Call numbers begin with P
Bullets and bulletins : media and politics in the wake of the Arab uprisings / Mohamed Zayani, Suzi  …
Hunting girls : sexual violence from The hunger games to campus rape / Kelly Oliver. 
The Cambridge companion to Xenophon / edited by Michael A. Flower. 
The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation / Bryan A. Garner. 
The man who never stopped sleeping / Aharon Appelfeld ; translated from the Hebrew by Jeffrey M. Gre  …
A horse walks into a bar / David Grossman ; translated by Jessica Cohen. 
On literature and philosophy / Naguib Mahfouz ; translated by Aran Byrne ; introduction by Rasheed E  …
Routledge handbook of modern Japanese literature / edited by Rachael Hutchinson and Leith Morton.  …
Six four / Hideo Yokoyama ; translated from the Japanese by Jonathan Lloyd-Davies. 
Cultures of representation : disability in world cinema contexts / edited by Benjamin Fraser. 
Film blackness : American cinema and the idea of black film / Michael Boyce Gillespie. 
Éric Rohmer : a biography / Antoine de Baecque and Noël Herpe ; translated by Steven Rendall and L  …
LGBTQ comedic monologues that are actually funny / edited by Alisha Gaddis. 
Zombiescapes and phantom zones : ecocriticism and the liminal from Invisible Man to The Walking Dead  …
The weird and the eerie / Mark Fisher. 
How journalists use Twitter : the changing landscape of U.S. newsrooms / Alecia Swasy. 
The rainbow comes and goes : a mother and son on life, love, and loss / Anderson Cooper and Gloria V  …
The Routledge handbook to nineteenth-century British periodicals and newspapers / edited by Andrew K  …
A companion to Juan Rulfo / Steven Boldy.. 
An introduction to Piers Plowman / Michael Calabrese ; foreword by Tison Pugh and R. Barton Palmer.  …
The Oxford dictionary of original Shakespearean pronunciation / David Crystal. 
Defoe's major fiction : accounting for the self / Elizabeth R. Napier. 
Alice Munro : Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage, runaway , dear life / edited by R  …
Lunch with a bigot : the writer in the world / Amitava Kumar. 
From page to place : American literary tourism and the afterlives of authors / edited by Jennifer Ha  …
Literary cultures of the Civil War / edited by Timothy Sweet. 
The Oxford handbook of the literature of the U.S. South / edited by Fred Hobson and Barbara Ladd.  …
The Cambridge companion to Saul Bellow / edited by Victoria Aarons. 
Elizabeth Bishop : a miracle for breakfast / Megan Marshall. 
Robert Lowell : setting the river on fire : a study of genius, mania, and character / Kay Redfield J  …
Understanding Adrienne Rich / Jeannette E. Riley. 
South and West : from a notebook / Joan Didion ; foreword by Nathaniel Rich. 
Wake up! / poem by Helen Frost ; photographs by Rick Lieder. 
Teaching Stephen King : horror, the supernatural, and new approaches to literature / Alissa Burger.  …
Feel the beat : dance poems that zing from salsa to swing / Marilyn Singer ; illustrated by Kristi V  …
The performance of becoming human / Daniel Borzutzky. 
A ghost sings, a door opens / Howie Good. 
Robots vs kung fu / Howie Good. 
The Essential Goethe / Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ; edited and introduced by Matthew Bell. 
Nicotine / Gregor Hens ; translated from the German by Jen Calleja ; with an introduction by Will Se  …
Wonderful feels like this / Sara Lövestam ; translated from the Swedish by Laura A. Wideburg. 
Bronze and Sunflower / Cao Wenxuan ; translated from the Chinese by Helen Wang ; illustrated by Meil  …
The Golem of Prague / story by Ir©·ne Cohen-Janca ; art by Maurizio A.C. Quarello ; translated by  …
Walk with me / Jairo Buitrago ; pictures by Rafael Yockteng ; translated by Elisa Amado. 
Little fox in the forest / by Stephanie Graegin. 
The road home / written by Katie Cotton ; illustrated by Sarah Jacoby. 


Q - The Science Shelves      Call numbers begin with Q
Science in the public sphere : a history of lay knowledge and expertise / Agustí Nieto-Galan ; tran  …
Let's estimate : a book about estimating and rounding numbers / by David A. Adler ; illustrated by E  …
Girl code : gaming, going viral, and getting it done / Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser. 
Digital keywords : a vocabulary of information society and culture / edited by Benjamin Peters. 
Waiting for contact : the search for extraterrestrial intelligence / Lawrence Squeri. 
Rock legends : the asteroids and their discoverers / Paul Murdin. 
Principles of magnetostatics / Richard C. Fernow, formerly Brookhaven National Laboratory. 
The quantum gamble / Jan C.A. Boeyens. 
Earthquakes and their impact on society / Sebastiano D'Amico, editor. 
Acrocanthosaurus inside and out / Kenneth Carpenter. 
Curators : behind the scenes of natural history museums / Lance Grande. 
Evolution : a visual record / photographs by Robert Clark ; foreword by David Quammen ; text by Jose  …
Atomic evidence : seeing the molecular basis of life / David S. Goodsell. 
The business of bees : an integrated approach to bee decline and corporate responsibility / edited b  …


R - The Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Psychiatry Shelves      Call numbers begin with R
The right to die : a reference handbook / Howard Ball. 
E-mental health / Davor Mucic, Donald M. Hilty, editors. 
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder : understanding the overly rigid, controlling person / Mar  …
Understanding suicide : from diagnosis to personalized treatment / Philippe Courtet, editor. 
Comorbid conditions among children with autism spectrum disorders / Johnny L. Matson, editor. 
Comorbid conditions among children with autism spectrum disorders / Johnny L. Matson, editor. 


S - The Agriculture Shelves      Call numbers begin with S
Street farm : growing food, jobs, and hope on the urban frontier / Michael Ableman. 
Food fight : GMOs and the future of the American diet / McKay Jenkins. 
Ideas of Chinese gardens : Western accounts, 1300-1860 / edited by Bianca Maria Rinaldi. 


T - The Technology, Engineering, Photography, Handicrafts Shelves      Call numbers begin with T
Data-driven graphic design : creative coding for visual communication / Andrew Richardson. 
Introduction to fluid mechanics / William S. Janna. 
Geology for ground engineering projects / Chris J.N. Fletcher. 
Urban storm water management / Hormoz Pazwash. 
Applied mining geology / Marat Abzalov. 
Applied mining geology / Marat Abzalov. 
Photography and collaboration : from conceptual art to crowdsourcing / Daniel Palmer. 
The shepherd's daughter / Clare Benson. 
Food safety : a reference handbook / Nina E. Redman and Michele Morrone. 


U - The Military Science Shelves      Call numbers begin with U
The Roman army / David J. Breeze. 
Alignment, Alliance, and American Grand Strategy / Zachary Selden. 


Z - The Library Science, Bibliography Shelves      Call numbers begin with Z
Metaliteracy in practice / [edited by] Trudi E. Jacobson and Thomas P. Mackey.