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B - The Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Shelves      Call numbers begin with B
William James : psychical research and the challenge of modernity / Krister Dylan Knapp. 
Exploring positive psychology : the science of happiness and well-being / Erik M. Gregory and Pamela  …
The future of happiness : five modern strategies for balancing productivity and well-being in the di  …
Swami in a Strange Land : How Krishna Came to the West / Joshua M. Greene ; foreword by Klaus K. Klo  …
Swami in a Strange Land : How Krishna Came to the West / Joshua M. Greene ; foreword by Klaus K. Klo  …
Holy wars & holy alliance : the return of religion to the global political stage / Manlio Graziano ;  …
The crucible of Islam / G. W. Bowersock. 
Muslims and the making of America / Amir Hussain. 
Muslims and the making of America / Amir Hussain. 
Introduction to the New Testament : reference edition / Carl R. Holladay. 
Relics, identity, and memory in Medieval Europe / edited by Marika Räsänen, Gritje Hartmann, and E  …
Facing the revocation : Huguenot families, faith, and the king's will / Carolyn Chappell Lougee. 


C - The History of Civilization, Archeology & Biography Shelves      Call numbers begin with C
Atlantic bonds : a nineteenth-century odyssey from America to Africa / Lisa A. Lindsay. 


D - The History: General and World History Shelves      Call numbers begin with D
Latin America and the First World War / Stefan Rinke, Freie Universität Berlin ; translated by Chri  …
War against war : the American fight for peace, 1914-1918 / Michael Kazin. 
The second line of defense : American women and World War I / Lynn Dumenil. 
Windfall : how the new energy abundance upends global politics and strengthens America's power / Meg  …
Advancing empire : English interests and overseas expansion, 1613-1688 / L.H. Roper. 
The Habsburg empire : a new history / Pieter M. Judson. 
The Vietnam War / a production of Florentine Films and WETA, Washington, DC ; a film by Ken Burns &  …
The Vietnam War / a production of Florentine Films and WETA, Washington, DC ; a film by Ken Burns &  …
The war after the war : the struggle for credibility during America's exit from Vietnam / Johannes K  …
Ethnic politics and state power in Africa : the logic of the coup-civil war trap / Philip Roessler (  …


E - The History: America Shelves      Call numbers begin with E
Safeguarding democratic capitalism : U.S. foreign policy and national security, 1920-2015 / Melvyn P  …
Interpreters of occupation : gender and the politics of belonging in an Iraqi refugee network / Made  …
An American family : a memoir of hope and sacrifice / Khizr Khan. 
History of African Americans : exploring diverse roots / Thomas J. Davis. 
We were eight years in power : an American tragedy / Ta-Nehisi Coates. 
American revolutions : a continental history, 1750-1804 / Alan Taylor. 
Boston's massacre / Eric Hinderaker. 
1777 : tipping point at Saratoga / Dean Snow. 
George Washington's secret spy war : the making of America's first spymaster / John A. Nagy. 
Blood from the sky : miracles and politics in the early American republic / Adam Jortner. 
Remembering Reconstruction : struggles over the meaning of America's most turbulent era / edited by  …
The 1910s (1910-1919) / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD. 
The 1910s (1910-1919) / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD. 
An American genocide : the United States and the California Indian catastrophe, 1846-1873 / Benjamin  …
The afterlife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy : a biography / Michael J. Hogan, University of Illinois, S  …
Unbelievable : my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history / Katy Tur. 
The dangerous case of Donald Trump : 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president /  …
Land too good for Indians : northern Indian removal / John P. Bowes. 


F - The History: America- Regional, State Shelves      Call numbers begin with F
Slavery and freedom in the Mid-Hudson Valley / Michael E. Groth. 
At the strangers' gate : arrivals in New York / Adam Gopnik. 
Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and the conquest of Florida : a new manuscript / Gonzalo Solís de Merás  …
The threshold of Manifest Destiny : gender and national expansion in Florida / Laurel Clark Shire.  …
Unfreedom : slavery and dependence in eighteenth-century Boston / Jared Ross Hardesty. 


G - The Geography, Earth Sciences, Anthropology, Recreation Shelves      Call numbers begin with G
Icefall : adventures at the wild edges of our dangerous, changing planet / John All and John Balzar.  …
Under Osman's tree : the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and environmental history / Alan Mikhail. 
History and material culture : a student's guide to approaching alternative sources / edited by Kare  …
No one eats alone : food as a social enterprise / Michael S. Carolan. 
A thirst for empire : how tea shaped the modern world / Erika Rappaport. 
Items : is fashion modern? / Paola Antonelli and Michelle Millar Fisher. 
Relentless : seven marathons, seven continents, seven days / David Gething. 
Pay to play : race and the perils of the college sports industrial complex / Lori Latrice Martin, Ph  …
Sports math : an introductory course in the mathematics of sports science and sports analytics / Rol  …
How college athletics are hurting girls' sports : the pay-to-play pipeline / Rick Eckstein. 


H - The Social Sciences Shelves      Call numbers begin with H
Global poverty : deprivation, distribution, and development since the Cold War / Andy Sumner. 
The end of loyalty : the rise and fall of good jobs in America / Rick Wartzman. 
Feeding Gotham : the political economy and geography of food in New York, 1790-1860 / Gergely Baics.  …
The taste of empire : how Britain's quest for food shaped the modern world / Lizzie Collingham. 
Making it : why manufacturing still matters / Louis Uchitelle. 
The aisles have eyes : how retailers track your shopping, strip your privacy, and define your power  …
Rational investing : the subtleties of asset management / Jacques Lussier and Hugues Langlois. 
Information and society / Michael Buckland. 
Kill all normies : the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump / Angela  …
Kill all normies : the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump / Angela  …
Marching dykes, liberated sluts, and concerned mothers : women transforming public space / Elizabeth  …
Marching dykes, liberated sluts, and concerned mothers : women transforming public space / Elizabeth  …
Japanese feminist debates : a century of contention on sex, love, and labor / Ayako Kano. 
The second coming of the invisible empire : the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s / William Rawlings. 
Run for It : Stories of Slaves Who Fought for Their Freedom / Marcelo D'Salete. 
The blood of Emmett Till / Timothy B. Tyson. 


J - The Political Science Shelves      Call numbers begin with J
Social media and politics : a new way to participate in the political process / Glenn W. Richardson  …
Spy schools : how the CIA, FBI, and foreign intelligence secretly exploit America's universities / D  …
The impossible presidency : the rise and fall of America's highest office / Jeremi Suri. 
The cultural politics of U.S. immigration : gender, race, and media / Leah Perry. 


L - The Education Shelves      Call numbers begin with L
The new education : how to revolutionize the university to prepare students for a world in flux / Ca  …
Substitute : going to school with a thousand kids / Nicholson Baker. 


M - The Music, books about Music Shelves      Call numbers begin with M
Cool math for hot music : a first introduction to mathematics for music theorists / Guerino Mazzola,  …
Everyday music listening : absorption, dissociation and trancing / Ruth Herbert. 
The politics of opera : a history from Monteverdi to Mozart / Mitchell Cohen. 


N - The Fine Arts Shelves      Call numbers begin with N
Beyond objecthood : the exhibition as a critical form since 1968 / James Voorhies. 
A companion to Islamic art and architecture / edited by Finbarr Barry Flood and Gülru Necipoğlu.  …
Charles Sheeler : fashion, photography, and sculptural form / edited by Kirsten M. Jensen ; with ess  …
European art : a neuroarthistory / John Onians. 
FireSigns : a semiotic theory for graphic design / Steven Skaggs. 
Age of empires : art of the Qin and Han dynasties / Zhixin Jason Sun ; with contributions by I-tien  …
Color in the age of impressionism : commerce, technology, and art / Laura Anne Kalba. 
Earth and the Moon / Yusuke Oono. 
Earth and the Moon / Yusuke Oono. 
880-02 Fujisan / Ōno Yūsuke = Mount Fuji / Yusuke Oono. 
880-02 Fujisan / Ōno Yūsuke = Mount Fuji / Yusuke Oono. 
American faces : a cultural history of portraiture and identity / Richard H. Saunders. 
Mediterranean encounters : artists between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, 1774-1839 / Elisabeth A. F  …
Landscapes of modern architecture : Wright, Mies, Neutra, Aalto, Barragán / Marc Treib. 
Going into town : a love letter to New York / Roz Chast. 
Vermeer and the masters of genre painting : inspiration and rivalry / Adriaan E. Waiboer, with Arthu  …
Paul Klee : irony at work / edited by Angela Lampe. 
Taking a line for a walk : assignments in design education / conceived collaboratively by Nina Paim,  …
Taking a line for a walk : assignments in design education / conceived collaboratively by Nina Paim,  …
Pierre Chareau : modern architecture and design / Esther da Costa Meyer ; with essays by Bernard Bau  …
Tristan and Isolde : medieval illustrations of the verse romances / Stephanie Cain Van D'Elden. 


P - The Language and Literature Shelves      Call numbers begin with P
How gender shapes the world / Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Language and Culture Research Centre, James C  …
Foreign language education in America : perspectives from K-12, university, government, and internat  …
Teika : the life and works of a medieval Japanese poet / Paul S. Atkins. 
I am Jim Henson / Brad Meltzer ; illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos. 
Latin American women filmmakers : production, politics, poetics / edited by Deborah Martin and Debor  …
We're going to need more wine : stories that are funny, complicated, and true / Gabrielle Union. 
The great derangement : climate change and the unthinkable / Amitav Ghosh. 
Superman : the persistence of an American icon / Ian Gordon. 
Princess jellyfish / Akiko Higashimura ; translation, Sarah Alys Lindholm ; lettering, Carl Vanstiph  …
Frantumaglia : a writer's journey / Elena Ferrante. 
The complete Old English poems / translated by Craig Williamson ; with an introduction by Tom Shippe  …
Milton, materialism, and embodiment : one first matter all / edited by Kevin J. Donovan and Thomas F  …
Our Emily Dickinsons : American women poets and the intimacies of difference / Vivian R. Pollak. 
Following Faulkner : the critical response to Yoknapatawpha's architect / Taylor Hagood. 
Fresh complaint : stories / Jeffrey Eugenides. 
The obelisk gate : the broken earth : book two / N.K. Jemisin. 
Her body and other parties : stories / Carmen Maria Machado. 
Autumn / Karl Ove Knausgaard ; with illustrations by Vanessa Baird ; translated from the Norwegian b  …
How to catch a leprechaun / words by Adam Wallace ; pictures by Andy Elkerton. 


Q - The Science Shelves      Call numbers begin with Q
Prime numbers and the Riemann hypothesis / Barry Mazur, William Stein. 
Game theory : a playful introduction / Matthew DeVos, Deborah A. Kent. 
Principles of NMR spectroscopy : an illustrated guide / David P. Goldenberg, University of Utah. 
The skeleton revealed : an illustrated tour of the vertebrates / Steve Huskey. 
The neuroscience of intelligence / Richard J. Haier, University of California, Irvine. 
Deep life : the hunt for the hidden biology of Earth, Mars, and beyond / Tullis C. Onstott. 


R - The Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Psychiatry Shelves      Call numbers begin with R
Spirituality and hospice social work / Ann M. Callahan. 
Human medical experimentation : from smallpox vaccines to secret government programs / Frances R. Fr  …
Communities of health care justice / Charlene Galarneau. 
An introduction to medicinal chemistry / Graham L. Patrick. 


S - The Agriculture Shelves      Call numbers begin with S
Celebrating soil : discovering soils and landscapes / M.R. Balks, D. Zabowski. 
Evolution made to order : plant breeding and technological innovation in twentieth-century America /  …
How to tame a fox (and build a dog) : visionary scientists and a Siberian tale of jump-started evolu  …


- The Agriculture Shelves      Call numbers begin with
Don't fucking look at me, Thanks / Charlie Zines. 
Don't fucking look at me, Thanks / Charlie Zines. 
i don't have a body / Charlie Zines. 
i don't have a body / Charlie Zines. 
i have a body / Charlie Zines. 
i have a body / Charlie Zines. 


T - The Technology, Engineering, Photography, Handicrafts Shelves      Call numbers begin with T
A tale of two bridges : the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridges of 1936 and 2013 / Stephen D. Mikesell  …
Electricity generation using wind power / William Shepherd, Li Zhang. 
Accessibility for everyone / Laura Kalbag ; foreword by Heydon Pickering. 
Accessibility for everyone / Laura Kalbag ; foreword by Heydon Pickering. 
The president's kitchen cabinet : the story of the African Americans who have fed our first families  …


U - The Military Science Shelves      Call numbers begin with U
Praetorian : the rise and fall of Rome's imperial bodyguard / Guy de la Bédoyère. 
Soldados razos at war : Chicano politics, identity, and masculinity in the U.S. military from World  …
Curse on this country : the rebellious army of imperial Japan / Danny Orbach. 


Z - The Library Science, Bibliography Shelves      Call numbers begin with Z
The Voynich manuscript / edited by Raymond Clemens ; with an introduction by Deborah Harkness. 
The visual history of type / Paul McNeil.