Physical Reserves: Procedures for Faculty


Physical Reserves for Printed Material

Physical Reserve is a program that allows instructors to put class materials in a separate collection with a limited lending status for their students.

Possible lending statuses include:

Library Use Only 2 hour

Library Use Only

Overnight 3 Day 7 Day

Any type of material may be placed on Reserve for Academic purposes including supplemental study, research, and required reading.

To Put Printed Material on Reserve for your courses:

  • Complete a Course Card for each course. Please fill out all fields specified on the form.
  • Bring items for reserve to the Circulation Department with the completed forms.
  • Library staff places books and items on reserve as quickly as possible in the order received at the Checkout Desk. (Processing time approximately one week at the beginning of the semester)
  • Instructors must have a current library account.

Please note: All items placed on Reserve will be marked with stickers and tape.

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  • Books and items checked out from other libraries cannot be placed on Reserve. This includes rentals (Netflix, Blockbuster, ILL, etc).
  • Permission is required prior to borrow an item from another faculty's reserve.
  • DVDs and CDs must be in a case, paper sleeves are not acceptable. Copies of personally owned media are recommended.
  • No third party, may submit forms or materials for Reserves. Instructors must be present at the time of submission and to request any changes.
  • Teaching Assistants may submit forms and materials for reserves only with written permission from faculty
  • If the instructor wishes to allow others to use and take out items on their Reserve, permission must be submitted to the Circulation Department in writing.
  • Multiple copies of a title are only placed on reserve when a class size exceeds 50.

Reserve Removal Policies

At the end of every semester all items will be removed and returned via campus mail. Instructors that request to pick up their items must do so BEFORE the end of the semester.

The library is not responsible for items not picked up, lost or damaged in the mail.

Instructors may renew Reserve courses for the following semester, but need to notify reserve staff prior to the end of that semester. Reserve items can only be renewed for Fall to Spring semester.

Item Purchase Requests

If the library does not own a book or item you need for reserve, please submit an Online Book Request Form. It may be possible for the library to purchase the material in time for your course reserves, provided your request is received before the semester begins. The library does not generally purchase textbooks for Reserves or the collection. Instructors will be notified when items purchased for Reserve arrive.

The Textbook Collection on Reserve

Instructors are encouraged to recycle textbooks by donating them to the Textbook Collection. The library will accept texts currently being used in the classroom.

Please bring donations to the Checkout Desk during library hours and complete a short form. We require information about the item such as course number and title to allow library staff to make the texts available quickly. Any material donated to this program will become the property of the library.

For more information visit: The Textbook Collection


Contact - Need help?


Physical reserves: Donna Provenzano

Phone: 257-3714

Textbook donations: Terra Thompson

Phone: 257-3714