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Reference Books

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Guides to the Literature

  • Art Information:Research Methods and Resources. [N85.J64 1990]]
  • A Documentary History of Art [STACKS N5303.H762]
  • Visual Arts Research:A Handbook. [STACKS N85.P55 1986]
  • Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Atlases

  • ArtSpeak:a Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords,1945 to the present.
        [REF N6490.A87 1997]
  • ArtSpoke:a Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords,1848 to 1944.
        [REF N6447.A85 1993]
  • Artwords:a Glossary of Contemporary Art Theory. [REF N71 .P32 1997]
  • Atlas of Western Art History. [REF/OVR G1046.E64 S7 1994]
  • Oxford Art Online
  • A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes. [REF NX456.K67 2000]
  • Encyclopedia of American Architecture. [REF NA705.H86]
  • Encyclopedia of Sculpture. [REF NB198 .E53 2004]
  • Encyclopedia of World Art. 16 vols. [REF/OVR N31.E533]
  • International Dictionary of Art and Artists. [REF N33.I57 1990]
  • Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms. [REF N33.L75 2004]
  • Encyclopedia of American Education [REF LB17 .U54 1996]
  • Encyclopedia of Education. 2nd Edition. [REF LB15 E47 2003]
  • International Encyclopedia of Education [REF LB15 .I569 1994]
  • Penguin Concise Dictionary of Art History. [REF N 5300 F64 2000]
  • World Education Encyclopedia. 3 vols. [REF LB 15 W8 2001]
  • Bibliographies

  • Applied and Decorative Arts:a Bibliographic Guide. [REF NK1110.E47]
  • Black Artists in the United States:an Annotated Bibliography
        of Books, Articles, and Dissertations on Black Artists, 1779-1979 [REF N6538.N5 D39]
  • Feminist Art Criticism. [REF N72 F45 L36 1993]
  • Fine Arts:a Bibliographic Guide .... [REF N7425.E45 1979]
  • Latin American Women Artists, Kahlo and Who Else:a Selective Annotated Bibliography.
        [REF N6502.5 .P84 1996]
  • Women Artists:an Historical, Contemporary, and Feminist Bibliography. [REF N8354.B32]
  • Women Artists in the U.S. [REF N6536.C4 1990]
  • Biographical Sources

  • Contemporary Artists. [REF N6490 .C6567 2002]
  • Contemporary Photographers. [REF/OVR TR139 .C663 1988]
  • Contemporary Women Artists. [REF N8354 .C66 1999]
  • Dictionary of Painters and Engravers. [REF N40.B94]
  • Dictionary of Women Artists:an International Dictionary of Women Artists born before 1900.
        [REF N43.P47 1985]
  • Lives of the great 20th-century artists [REF N6489 .L83 1999]
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects. [REF NA40.M25 1982]
  • North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century:a
         Biographical Dictionary. [REF N6503 .N67 1995]
  • The Prestel dictionary of art and artists in the 20th century. [REF N6490 .P72 2000]
  • St. James Guide to Black Artists. [REF N 40 S78 1997]
  • St. James Guide to Hispanic Artists:Profiles of Latino and Latin American Artists .
        [REF N6538.H58 S7 2002]
  • Who Was Who in American Art, 1564-1975. [REF N6536 .W562 1999]
  • Who's Who in American Art. [REF N6536.W5]
  • Directories

  • American Art Directory. [REF N50.A54]
  • The Official Museum Directory. [REF AM10.A2 04]
  • General Art Histories

  • Art History. Stokstad, Marilyn. [STACKS N5300 .S923 2002]
  • Art History of Photography. [STACKS TR653.K3313]
  • Gardner's Art through the Ages. [STACKS N5300 .G25 1996]
  • History of Art. Janson, H. W. [STACKS N5300 .J3 2001]
  • The Oxford History of Western Art. [STACKS N5300 .O96 2000]
  • Non-Western Art. Mackenzie, Lynn. [STACKS N5300 .M23 2001]
  • Symbols

  • Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography:Themes Depicted in Works of Art. 3 v.
        [REF N 7560 E53 1998]
  • Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art. [REF N7560.H34]
  • Iconography of Christian Art. [STACKS N7830.S3513]
  • Symbols and Legends in Western Art. [REF N7740.W53]
  • Print Indexes

  • Art Index. 1929-2002. [Ref Shelf 8]
  • Education Index. 1929-2000. [Ref LB5 .E38]
  • Databases


    Art Room - This is a virtual art educational classroom for teachers and students, created and maintained by the University of Florida.

    ArtsEdNet - The Getty Institute for Education in the Arts has taken the lead in producing art education materials for students in grades K through 12. - Provides biographical information, auction data, and digital images for over 25,000 North American artists - painters, sculptors, and illustrators.  Includes directory information for museums, galleries, and dealers.

    Center for Media Literacy - Dedicated to promoting and supporting media literacy education as a framework for accessing, analyzing, evaluating, creating and participating with media content.

    College Art Association - The CAA site features annual awards;promotes opportunities for exhibition, publication, and creative projects;provides educational resources and career services;as well as links to art news sources and art museum sites.

    The Educator's Reference Desk - This is a growing collection of more than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States and the world.

    The Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge -  ArtsEdge links arts and education through technology. Select web spotlight from the main screen to access a number of links pertaining to arts and education. In addition to links to museums, galleries and arts centers, you can select a specific subject area to find links to. Links include music, dance, visual arts, theater, design arts, literary arts, folk arts, and media/film.

    MENC: the National Association for Music Education

    National Art Education Association -  The official website of the NAEA contains membership, awards, subscription, and publication information. Recent papers and press releases keep art educators informed on developments and emerging trends in the field.

    National Dance Education Organization - The NDEO advances dance education centered in the arts.

    The Smithsonian Institute - The world's largest museum. Site contains activities and games for children.

    The Teachers & Writers Collaborative -T&W writers work with children and teachers, giving them an understanding and appreciation of literary traditions and a sense of methods and motives for writers.




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