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Scanning Microcard

Opaque Micro Card & Microfiche - NOT FILM

Find the pages you want to scan with Microcard Viewer

The scanner does not give you a readable preview until after you have scanned so before you start you have to find the pages you want to scan with our microcard viewer.

  • Pull out the microcard tray until the glass on the tray lifts up and slide the Microcard under the glass, printed side up with the bottom of the page facing towards you.
  • Slide the microcard tray all the way in, and turn on viewer
  • The arrows on the side of the tray point to a number (the row) and the red arrow above the tray points at a letter (the column). Align the microcard tray to 1-A to see the first page on the Micro card.
  • Fix a tilted image with the image rotation slider.
  • Find the page or pages you want to scan and make note of what page number you want to print.
  • Place the card into the scanner text side down and top side toward the front (upside-down).

(Now get and use the scanning microcard instructions. Some of the following overlaps with the scanning instructions)

  • Once on the scanner screen select Opaque Micro card as the Type and select Preview.
  • Now you can use the row and column location you took note of to quickly select the pages on the card you want to scan.

The example below shows 5-A selected.

microcard showing row5 first page

scan control showing adjustments

Scan Pages

  • Line up your document in the cut out part of the clear plastic sheet in the scanner

  • Click of the welcome screen for scanning on the PC

  • The ST Companion Window Comes up

  • Choose the type: Opaque Micro Print for Readex Cards OR Microfilm for Fiche

  • Click the Preview button

  • Turn up the contrast after the preview window appears +2 or +3

The Preview Window

  • The preview window is where you select the pages from the document you want to save.
  • Take your mouse pointer to the upper right corner of the first page you want to save
  • Click and drag the mouse pointer to the opposite corner and a selection box surrounds the page
  • Do that to each page you want to save.
The preview windows showing selecting a page
  • Click the scan button in the ST Companion window and wait for scanning to finish
  • Then click the finish button In the ST Companion window and you will see thumbnails of all your pages

Review/Edit Pages

Click the Edit Scans Button and the thumbnails move to the left side and the first full size page appears in the main window.

edit scans button

The edit pages window has Thumbnail images down the left side and the selected image is full size in the edit window

Edit controls appear at the bottom

edit controls at bottom of edit window


In most cases Contrast is the only edit you should use

  • Turn the contrast up if the background is grey just until it seems white
  • Click Save Changes and move on to the next page

Other Useful Edits

  • Invert the page if it is black background with white text
  • Use the Flip controls if your text is backwards
  • Rotate the page if it is not right-side-up

Print or Save

save and print buttons

To print just click the Print Icon

You can save to:

  • A blank Writeable CD
  • A USB portable drive
  • The N: Drive If you are logged in

You can save in different types:

options for saving to types of files
  • If you like the pages you have save them to a single PDF
  • If you think you may need to change the order or work on them further Save as JPEGs

Burn CD

burn to cd button

Unfortunately this will only write to New Unused Writable CDs so be sure to gather every page you want before you

  • Click the Burn CD icon
  • Select a file type
  • Click the Burn CD button below file type

browse folder to pick Ndrive

Send to HD / Campus N: drive

This is you can save to your campus N: Drive if you logged in correctly

  • Click Send to HD
  • Inside my computer you will find your N: Drive
  • Click OK

Send To USB

send to usb button and selection box
  • Click Send to USB
  • Select the USB drive usually E: and Click OK