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Check Spelling and Grammar in a different language with Microsoft Word ™

On our public PCs it is easy to spell check in French and Spanish as well as English. Within each language there are many regional variations that Word can check both spelling and grammar.

NOTE: These instructions require that the PC has both the Microsoft Office Proofing Tools for other languages installed and the MS Office Language Setting tool installed in your Office setup like our public PCs.

To change the language

NOTE: Each language selection that has Spelling and Grammar check available is marked with a check mark and the letters ABC.
  1. With your document open in Microsoft Word ™ select the text you wish to spell check or press CTRL+a on the keyboard to select the whole document.
  2. Click on the language at the bottom of the Word window, usually "English (United States)"
  3. In the language box scroll down and then select the language you want.
  4. After you have selected the language the change may not show until you click the Spell check button in Word.
Word Widow with steps 1-4