Library Tech Pages

Using the Campus Terminal Server

On the desktop of every library PC is a connection to the campus terminal services called "Campus Terminal server.rdp" or "Terminal Server at SUNY NP.rdp". You can also access the campus terminal server from anywhere that you have a fast internet connection. See the link at the bottom of this document for more connection info.

Terminal services are primarily for expensive software the campus has limited licenses for like the math and statistical packages we have but it also has Adobe Acrobat with which anyone can edit PDF documents.

Software on the campus terminal server:

  1. Adobe Acrobat (editing version)
  2. Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing
  3. ArcGIS
  4. IZArc
  6. Microsoft Office
  7. Minitab Solutions
  8. Python 2.4
  9. SPSS Inc
  10. Wolfram Mathmatica

Login on and offTermServ Icon

  1. Before you connect to terminal services attach any USB drives that you may want access to.
  2. Double click the icon on the desktop
  3. A box will pop up asking you if you want to connect, click connect
  4. Your username and password is the same as the ones you used to logon to any lab or library PC.
    NOTE: Always remember when you are done, click on the start button and LOGOFF.
  5. A very plain looking computer desktop with a bar on top of the screen will appear over the local PC desktop. That little bar on the top has the window controls for the terminal server while it is full screen.
  6. You can switch back and forth between the terminal services desktop and the local PC desktop easily. Click on the minimize button or the restore down button in the bar on top of the screen. Do not click the X or you will have to log back in.
minimise window crontrols
Minimise control and window minimised
Minimised terminal services window

Opening and saving files when on Terminal Server

In the library terminal server is set up to have access to the drives on the local PC inside its "My Computer". If you connected your thumb drive to the local PC before you login to terminal services you can access the files on it from the terminal server.

If you want to set this up at home see "Connect from home" below.

Therfore you can access all those drives from any Save As dialog box also. The drives you are looking for are B (that contains the local PC desktop) or A: which is the most likely letter your USB drives will attach as.

In terminal services just open My Computer on the desktop and scroll down. You will see all the drives on the local PC by drive letter followed by the name of the local PC. Something like "B on patron28". Look on the local PC to find the drive letter of your thumb drive (usually a) and you can find it easily in the terminal services screen.

Printing - Print to a PDF and save it to the local PC

You need to also read opening and saving files above to understand the printing instructions. Here

The campus terminal server is not connected to any campus printer BUT you can still print . To print while on the campus terminal, you convert what you are working on into a PDF then save to your thumb drive. Then go back to your original desktop, go to your thumb drive and print it from there.

save as dialog
  1. Click print, then the print window will pop up. In the printer name, make sure it is "Print to PDF". Click OK then it will ask where to save your PDF file.
  2. In the Save as dialog click on the "Save in" drop down select the a drive with the PC name such as "B: On Patron32" and save the PDF there. Minimize the terminal server session. Open the PDF file from the B drive and print.
  3. Minimize the terminal server window then and then from the local PC go to the B drive and open the PDF file you just created and print it.
NOTE: Always remember when you are done, click on the start button and LOGOFF.

Editing a PDF document

You can edit a PDF file on the campus terminal server because we have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed there. If you want to add remove pages, change the order of pages, crop or rotate pages and a few other tweaks here's just a quick how to.

acrobat pages iconedit options icon
  1. Save the PDF file to your thumb drive.
  2. Log on to the campus terminal.
  3. Open the PDF file.
  4. Click on the first icon on the left side of the page to display thumnails of each page.
  5. To change order of the PDF: click, drag and drop the pages on the column on the left hand side
  6. Click on the gear on the left hand side and it will bring up a menu of what else you can do.

Connect from home

The campus terminal server can actually be accessed anywhere as long as you have internet connection and a SUNY New Paltz login. In Windows the program you connect with is called Remote Desktop Connection.

  1. Find Remote Desktop Connection on your start menu
  2. Enter the URL BUT don't click connect yet
  3. Before you connect click the Options button then Local Resources then the More button
  4. Select connect Drives & Supported plug and play devices so you can save files to your own PC
  5. Now you can connect
set up remote desktop connection