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Sojourner Truth Library houses a collection of more than 500,000 volumes. It is the premier research center on the SUNY New Paltz campus, and it is located just steps away from the academic buildings.

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Main Floor

The Main Floor is actually our top floor. The library was built on a slope with the entrance at the top and two floors below.

These are the services that the Sojourner Truth Library provides that are found on the main floor.

Checkout, Interlibrary Loans, and Reserves

Your SUNY New Paltz ID card enables you to check out books from our library.

Questions the Checkout Desk can Answer:

1. How can I renew the books I have checked out?
2. Do I have any overdue material or late charges on my account?
3. May I have a key to an individual study room?

Checkout Links:
Borrowing privileges
Library Policies
Community members
Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library
Protecting your privacy
Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Reserve Desk Links:
Library reserves


The Information Desk


Questions the Information Desk can Answer:

1. I'm doing research. Can you help...?
2. Do you have any books or journals on my topic?
3. What databases should I use to find an article...?
4. How do I use the Library Catalog?

Information Desk Links:

Library Instruction Request
Research Consultation Request
Services for special needs



Current Periodicals


The latest issues of our print subscriptions are kept in the Current Periodicals area.

  • Check the Library Catalog to make sure that your issue is in the Current Periodicals Section
  • Journals in Current Periodicals are shelved alphabetically by Title
  • Sojourner Truth Library currently subscribes to over 1000 periodicals in print form. Many other journals are available electronically through our databases .

Print journals are for In Library Use only: you may not check them out of the Library. However, you may photocopy any pages that you require within the limits of the Copyright Law.




Reference Collection

Reference Floor

Computers are available for research and word processing.

  • The Reference collection contains more than 10,000 encyclopedias, almanacs, maps and dictionaries on a wide range of subjects. It's a great place to begin any research project.

  • The Library provides 120+ online databases on a wide variety of subjects and disciplines

M42 Collaboration Room

M42 Collaborations

M42 offers SUNY New Paltz faculty and students a place in which to collaborate or work on projects that require access to resources and services that are only available in the library building. For example:

  • Library Research consultations with individuals or small groups
  • Library collaboration for moderate-sized groups or small classes (less than 20 students recommended)
  • Academic special events for moderate-sized groups
  • Scheduled student group work (reservation made by the instructor or advisor)


M42 Policies and Guides

Book Stacks


Many more books are located in the STACKS, Oversize, Juvenile, Government Documents, and Compact Shelving collections. These are housed in the two lower floors (Concourse and Ground) of the library. Proceed down the stairs to continue the tour of the the Sojourner Truth Library.

Book Stacks

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