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A -General Works, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries call numbers begin with A
Critical digital humanities : the search for a methodology / Dobson, James E., author.


B -Philosophy, Psychology, Religion call numbers begin with B
Speculation : politics, ideology, event / Daly, Glyn, author.
Write away your stress : tame the tension in your life / Price, Diane Hartingh, 1949- author.
Worried? : science investigates some of life's common concerns / Johnson, Lise A., author.
Fat talk : a feminist perspective / Martz, Denise, 1967- author.
Finding God through yoga : Paramahansa Yogananda and modern American religion in a global age / Neumann, David J., author. …
Initiated : memoir of a witch / Garcia, Amanda Yates, author.
The spirit of Zen / Van Schaik, Sam, author.


C -History of Civilization, Archeology & Biography call numbers begin with C
None like us : Blackness, belonging, aesthetic life / Best, Stephen Michael, author.


D -History: General and World History call numbers begin with D
I was a doctor in Auschwitz / Perl, Gisella, author.
The last knight : the art, armor, and ambition of Maximilian I /
Hitler : a biography / Longerich, Peter, author.
Hitler : a global biography / Simms, Brendan, author.
A state at any cost : the life of David Ben-Gurion / Segev, Tom, 1945- author.
Surviving in silence : a deaf boy in the Holocaust : the Harry I. Dunai story / Dunai, Eleanor C.
Your country, our war : the press and diplomacy in Afghanistan / Brown, Katherine A., author.
The anarchy : the relentless rise of the East India Company / Dalrymple, William, author.
Challenging Beijing's mandate of heaven : Taiwan's Sunflower Movement and Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement / He, Mingxiu, author. …
Uneven moments : reflections on Japan's modern history / Harootunian, Harry D., 1929- author.


E -History: America call numbers begin with E
Rising out of hatred : the awakening of a former white nationalist / Saslow, Eli, author.
Journey toward freedom : the story of Sojourner Truth / Bernard, Jacqueline, author
Self-portrait in black and white : unlearning race / Williams, Thomas Chatterton, 1981- author.
Notes of border history : taken on a trip to the Western part of Penn., & the adjoining parts of New York & Ohio, from Jan. 30th to March 9th, 1850 : Relating to the lives & adventures of Western pioneers - and the history & warfare of the Six Nations / Draper, Lyman Copeland, 1815-1891, author. …
Hymns of the Republic : the story of the final year of the American Civil War / Gwynne, S. C. 1953- author. (Samuel C.), …
Sacred instructions : indigenous wisdom for living spirit-based change / Mitchell, Sherri L., 1969- author. …
Cold springs : my home, my memories, my story / Gordon, Stephen A., author.
Who is Walter Kennedy? / John, Randy A., 1958-
Seneca people : places and names / John, Randy A., 1958- author.
Seneca women / John, Randy A., 1958- author.
Onöndowa'ga:' (Seneca) treaties / John, Randy A., 1958- author.
Social integration of an elderly Native American population / John, Randy A., 1958-, author.


F -History: America- Regional, State call numbers begin with F
The Jesuit relations : natives and missionaries in seventeenth-century North America /
On the plain of snakes : a Mexican journey / Theroux, Paul, author.
A history of New York in 27 buildings : the 400-year untold story of an American metropolis / Roberts, Sam, 1947- author. …
Silver, sword, and stone : three crucibles in the Latin American story / Arana, Marie (Writer), author. …
Becoming Creole : nature and race in Belize / Johnson, Melissa A., 1962- author.


G -Geography, Earth Sciences, Anthropology, Recreation call numbers begin with G
English maps : a history / Delano-Smith, Catherine.
Caring for glaciers : land, animals, and humanity in the Himalayas / Gagné, Karine, author.
The psychedelic journey of Marlene Dobkin de Rios : 45 years with shamans, ayahuasqueros, and ethnobotanists / Dobkin de Rios, Marlene. …
Ayahuasca medicine : the shamanic world of amazonian sacred plant healing / Shoemaker, Alan.
The life and afterlife of Harry Houdini / Posnanski, Joe, author.
When everything beyond the walls is wild : being a woman outdoors in America / Guignard, Lilace Mellin, author. …
Sports crazy : how sports are sabotaging American schools / Overman, Steven J., author.
Big-time sports in American universities / Clotfelter, Charles T., author.
Moving boarders : skateboarding and the changing landscape of urban youth sports / Atencio, Matthew, 1975- author. …


H -Social Sciences call numbers begin with H
Econometrics in a formal science of economics : theory and the measurement of economic relations / Stigum, Bernt P., author. …
A brief history of doom : two hundred years of financial crises / Vague, Richard, author.
Farming while Black : Soul Fire Farm's practical guide to liberation on the land / Penniman, Leah, author. …
Beaten down, worked up : the past, present, and future of American labor / Greenhouse, Steven, author. …
The cigarette : a political history / Milov, Sarah, 1984- author.
Potosí : the silver city that changed the world / Lane, Kris E., 1967- author.
Fashionopolis : the price of fast fashion--and the future of clothes / Thomas, Dana, 1964- author.
Talking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know / Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- author. …
Relational inequalities : an organizational approach / Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald, 1957- author.
The Judith Butler reader / Butler, Judith, 1956-
Daily life of women in the Progressive Era / Olsen, Kirstin, author.
The Radical Women manifesto : socialist feminist theory, program and organizational structure.
Geography of trafficking : from drug smuggling to modern-day slavery / Shelley, Fred M., 1952- author. …
The bible : an anthology of personal essays and narratives about bisexuality /
The bible : an anthology of personal essays and narratives about bisexuality /
The trade in the living : the formation of Brazil in the South Atlantic, sixteenth to seventeenth centuries / Alencastro, Luiz Felipe de, author, translator. …
Traces of history : elementary structures of race / Wolfe, Patrick, 1949- author.
Ontological terror : blackness, nihilism, and emancipation / Warren, Calvin L., 1980- author.
Fada : boredom and belonging in Niger / Masquelier, Adeline Marie, 1960- author.
Case studies in deaf education : inquiry, application, and resources / Guardino, Caroline, author.
Deaf students and the qualitative similarity hypothesis : understanding language and literacy development / Paul, Peter V. …
A moral defense of recreational drug use / Lovering, Rob.
Things we didn't talk about when I was a girl : a memoir / Vanasco, Jeannie, author.
Open season : legalized genocide of colored people / Crump, Benjamin, 1969- author.


J -Political Science call numbers begin with J
Antifa : the anti-fascist handbook / Bray, Mark (Political activist), author.
Better cities, better world : a handbook on local governments self-assessments / Farvacque-Vitković, Catherine, author. …
Unaccompanied migrant children : social, legal, and ethical perspectives /


L -Education call numbers begin with L
Demoralized : why teachers leave the profession they love and how they can stay / Santoro, Doris A., author. …


M -Music, books about Music call numbers begin with M
Janis : her life and music / George-Warren, Holly, author.
Engaging musical practices : a sourcebook for elementary general music /


N -Fine Arts call numbers begin with N
Faith Ringgold : Die / Monahan, Anne, author.
Stick to the skin : African American and Black British art, 1965-2015 / Bernier, Celeste-Marie, author. …
To describe a life : notes from the intersection of art and race terror / English, Darby, 1974- author. …
Aesthetics at large / Duve, Thierry de, author.
On the shoulders of giants / Eco, Umberto, author.
Käthe Kollwitz : according to the truth / Kollwitz, Käthe, 1867-1945, artist.
The life of Leonardo da Vinci / Vasari, Giorgio, 1511-1574, author.
How art works : a psychological exploration / Winner, Ellen, author.
Ai Weiwei : good fences make good neighbors /
History of art in Japan / Tsuji, Nobuo, 1932- author.
Hot, cold, heavy, light : 100 art writings, 1988-2018 / Schjeldahl, Peter, author.
Shinto : discovery of the divine in Japanese art / Vilbar, Sinéad, author.
Landscape into eco art : articulations of nature since the '60s / Cheetham, Mark A. 1954- author. (Mark Arthur), …
The ecological eye : assembling an ecocritical art history / Patrizio, Andrew, author.
Women artists, feminism and the moving image : contexts and practices /
Sculpture, sexuality and history : encounters in literature, culture and the arts from the eighteenth century to the present / …
Bertoia : the metalworker / Twitchell, Beverly H. 1946- author. (Beverly Hamilton),
John Singer Sargent : portraits in charcoal / Ormond, Richard, author.
The artist's guide to drawing the clothed figure : a complete resource on rendering clothing and drapery / Massen, Michael., author. …
W. A. Dwiggins : a life in design / Kennett, Bruce, author, book designer.
W. A. Dwiggins : a life in design / Kennett, Bruce, author, book designer.
Hans Hofmann : the nature of abstraction /
Lee Krasner : living colour / Krasner, Lee, 1908-1984, artist.
The legend of Krishna : in wall paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan / Zaveri, Pradip, author.
The missing pages : the modern life of a medieval manuscript, from genocide to justice / Watenpaugh, Heghnar Zeitlian, author. …
All too human : Bacon, Freud and a century of painting life /
Florence and its painters : from Giotto to Leonardo da Vinci /
Vincent van Gogh : his life in art /
Pieter Bruegel and the idea of human nature / Honig, Elizabeth A., author.
The renaissance of etching / Jenkins, Catherine, 1971- author.
Arcade game typography : the art of pixel type / Omagari, Toshi, author.
Vitamin C : clay + ceramic in contemporary art /
Performance/media/art/culture : selected essays 1983-2018 / Apple, Jacki, author.
Art for people's sake : artists and community in Black Chicago, 1965-1975 / Zorach, Rebecca, 1969- author. …
Gender and body language in Roman art / Davies, Glenys, author.
Why look at plants? : the botanical emergence in contemporary art /
Unspeakable acts : women, art, and sexual violence in the 1970s / Princenthal, Nancy, author.


P -Language and Literature call numbers begin with P
The alphabet versus the goddess : the conflict between word and image / Shlain, Leonard.
Hate Inc. : why today's media makes us despise one another / Taibbi, Matt, author.
Reading Homer's Odyssey / Myrsiades, Kostas, author.
Metamorphoses / Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.
Reading for the moral : exemplarity and the Confucian moral imagination in seventeenth-century Chinese short fiction / Sibau, Maria Franca, author. …
Cyborg saints : religion and Posthumanism in middle grade and young adult fiction / Smith, Carissa Turner, author. …
Several short sentences about writing / Klinkenborg, Verlyn, author.
We now disrupt this broadcast : how cable transformed television and the Internet revolutionized it all / Lotz, Amanda D., 1974- author. …
We now disrupt this broadcast : how cable transformed television and the Internet revolutionized it all / Lotz, Amanda D., 1974- author. …
Documentary filmmaking in contemporary Brazil : cinematic archives of the present / Furtado, Gustavo Procopio, author. …
Spaces of women's cinema : space, place and genre in contemporary women's filmmaking / Thornham, Sue, author. …
Death in Venice /
The Baader Meinhof complex /
Pipeline : a play / Morisseau, Dominique, author.
Pipeline : a play / Morisseau, Dominique, author.
Gender and environment in science fiction /
After queer studies : literature, theory and sexuality in the 21st century /
The paranormal surrounds us : psychic phenomena in literature, culture and psychoanalysis / Reichbart, Richard, 1943- author. …
Joseph Conrad's Heart of darkness / Kuper, Peter, 1958- author, illustrator.
The court journals and letters of Frances Burney. Burney, Fanny, 1752-1840, author.
The complete works of John Milton. Milton, John, 1608-1674, author.
Ascent : philosophy and Paradise lost / Zamir, Tzachi, 1967- author.
Nature and the new science in England, 1665-1726 / Van Renen, Denys, author.
Minor creatures : persons, animals, and the Victorian novel / Kreilkamp, Ivan, author.
On nineteen eighty-four : a biography / Taylor, D. J. 1960- author. (David John),
The waves / Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.
Quichotte : a novel / Rushdie, Salman, author.
Grand union : stories / Smith, Zadie, author.
The plot thickens : illustrated Victorian serial fiction from Dickens to Du Maurier / Leighton, Mary Elizabeth, 1971- author. …
Carry the word : a bibliography of black LGBTQ books / Fullwood, Steven G., compiler.
American trickster : trauma, tradition and Brer Rabbit / Marshall, Emily Zobel, author.
Love unknown : the life and worlds of Elizabeth Bishop / Travisano, Thomas J., 1951- author.
Faulkner and the Native South / Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference University of Mississippi), 2016 : author. (43rd : …
The annotated Lolita / Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977, author.
Of latitudes unknown : James Baldwin's radical imagination /
Pursuit : a novel of suspense / Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
The Dutch house : a novel / Patchett, Ann, author.
The god of hell : a play / Shepard, Sam, 1943-2017.
Olive, again / Strout, Elizabeth, author.
The water dancer : a novel / Coates, Ta-Nehisi, author.
Make your home among strangers / Crucet, Jennine Capó, author.
On Earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel / Vuong, Ocean, 1988- author.
Ecomasculinities : negotiating male gender identity in U.S. fiction /
What saves us : poems of empathy and outrage in the age of Trump /
Momentous events in the life of a cactus / Bowling, Dusti, author.
Beneath the bed and other scary stories / Brallier, Max, author.
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire / Rowling, J. K., author.


Q -Science call numbers begin with Q
Darwin's tree of life / Bright, Michael, author.
Wait, rest, pause : dormancy in nature / Atkins, Marcie Flinchum, author.
Dialogues on the human ape / Dubreuil, Laurent, author.
The neuroscience of sleep and dreams / McNamara, Patrick, 1956- author.


R -Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Psychiatry call numbers begin with R
Unnatural causes : is inequality making us sick? /
Unnatural causes : is inequality making us sick? /
Infected kin : orphan care and AIDS in Lesotho / Block, Ellen author. (Mary Ellen),
Black women and breast cancer : a cultural theology / Williams, Elizabeth A., 1972- author.
Mental health disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about healthy brain functioning and mental illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychotic and personality disorders, eating disorders, impulse control disorders, and more; along with information about medications and treatments, mental health concerns in specific groups, such as children, adolescents, older adults, minority populations, and people in poverty, a glossary of related terms, and directories of resources for additional help and information. …
The basics of psychotherapy : an introduction to theory and practice / Wampold, Bruce E., 1948- author. …
Addictions counseling : a competency-based approach / Faulkner, Cynthia A., author.
Volume control : hearing in a deafening world / Owen, David, 1955- author.


S -Agriculture call numbers begin with S
The biggest little farm /
Good husbandry : a memoir : growing food, love, and family on Essex Farm / Kimball, Kristin, author. …
Equestrian cultures : horses, human society, and the discourse of modernity /


T -Technology, Engineering, Photography, Handicrafts call numbers begin with T
How knowledge moves : writing the transnational history of science and technology /
Solar power : innovation, sustainability, and environmental justice / Mulvaney, Dustin, author.
Francesca Woodman : portrait of a reputation / Abrams, Nora Burnett, author.
Bloodflowers : Rotimi Fani-Kayode, photography, and the 1980s / Bourland, W. Ian, 1982- author.
Working girls : an American brothel, circa 1892, the secret photographs of William Goldman / Johnson, Robert Flynn, author, compiler. …
American cuisine : and how it got this way / Freedman, Paul, 1949- author.


Z -Library Science, Bibliography call numbers begin with Z
Recipes for mindfulness in your library : supporting resilience and community engagement /