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A -General Works, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries call numbers begin with A
Debates in the digital humanities 2019 /


B -Philosophy, Psychology, Religion call numbers begin with B
Lost in thought : the hidden pleasures of an intellectual life / Hitz, Zena, 1973- author.
Epistemology : the big questions /
The lonely century : how to restore human connection in a world that's pulling apart / Hertz, Noreena, author. …
Dancing wisdom : embodied knowledge in Haitian Vodou, Cuban Yoruba, and Bahian Candomblé / Daniel, Yvonne, 1940- …
The dead are arising : the life of Malcolm X / Payne, Les, 1941-2018, author.
The Kingdom at hand : black theology, the pan African orthodox Christian church and their implications on the black church / McWilliams IV, Weldon M., author. …


D -History: General and World History call numbers begin with D
Middle class Shanghai : reshaping U.S.-China engagement / Li, Cheng, 1956- author.


E -History: America call numbers begin with E
U.S. foreign policy : the paradox of world power / Hook, Steven W., 1959- author.
The Chican@ hip hop nation : politics of a new millennial mestizaje / McFarland, Pancho.
Introduction to Black studies / Karenga, Maulana.
The black republic : African Americans and the fate of Haiti / Byrd, Brandon R., author.
A more beautiful and terrible history : the uses and misuses of civil rights history / Theoharis, Jeanne, author. …
The world of Jim Crow America : a daily life encyclopedia /
The devil you know : a Black power manifesto / Blow, Charles M., 1970- author.
American while black : African Americans, immigration, and the limits of citizenship / Carter, Niambi Michele, 1977- author. …
The Isis (Yssis) papers : the keys to the colors / Welsing, Frances Cress, 1935- author.
PowerNomics® : the national plan to empower Black America / Anderson, Claud, author.
The sum of us : what racism costs everyone and how we can prosper together / McGhee, Heather C., author. …
Black women in white America : a documentary history /
Minority leader : how to lead from the outside and make real change / Abrams, Stacey, author.
The era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945 : a brief history with documents / Polenberg, Richard.
Persist / Warren, Elizabeth, author.


F -History: America- Regional, State call numbers begin with F
Race capital? : Harlem as setting and symbol /
The Latin American cultural studies reader /
This is your time / Bridges, Ruby, author.
Creating the Black Utopia of Buxton, Iowa / Chase, Rachelle, author.


G -Geography, Earth Sciences, Anthropology, Recreation call numbers begin with G
Material lives : women makers and consumer culture in the 18th century / Dyer, Serena, author.
The study of American folklore : an introduction / Brunvand, Jan Harold, author.
Black women in dance : stepping out of the barriers /
Black women in dance : stepping out of the barriers /
Ballroom, boogie, shimmy sham, shake : a social and popular dance reader /


H -Social Sciences call numbers begin with H
Broke in America : seeing, understanding, and ending US poverty / Goldblum, Joanne Samuel, 1964- author. …
Leading without authority : how the new power of co-elevation can break down silos, transform teams, and reinvent collaboration / Ferrazzi, Keith, author. …
We will not cancel us : and other dreams of transformative justice / Brown, Adrienne M., author.
Undrowned : Black feminist lessons from marine mammals / Gumbs, Alexis Pauline, 1982- author.
White feminism : from the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind / Beck, Koa, author. …
Silence and sacrifice : family stories of care and the limits of love in Vietnam / Shohet, Merav, 1976- author. …
Poor queer studies : confronting elitism in the university / Brim, Matt, author.
The end of the village : planning the urbanization of rural China / Smith, Nick R. (Professor of urban studies), author. …
Slaves and slavery in ancient Greece / Forsdyke, Sara, 1967- author.
Women, gender, and crime : core concepts / Mallicoat, Stacy L., author.
Verbal judo : the gentle art of persuasion / Thompson, George J., author.
The brother you choose : Paul Coates and Eddie Conway talk about life, politics, and the revolution / Day, Susie, 1951- author. …


J -Political Science call numbers begin with J
Twilight of democracy : the seductive lure of authoritarianism / Applebaum, Anne, 1964- author.
Delivering the people's message : the changing politics of the presidential mandate / Azari, Julia R., 1979- author. …
Precolonial Black Africa : a comparative study of the political and social systems of Europe and Black Africa, from antiquity to the formation of modern states / Diop, Cheikh Anta. …
Concepts of international relations, for students and other smarties / Neumann, Iver B., author.


K -Law call numbers begin with K
Justice, justice thou shalt pursue : a life's work fighting for a more perfect union / Ginsburg, Ruth Bader, author. …


L -Education call numbers begin with L
Implications of race and racism in student evaluations of teaching : the hate u give /
Teachers of Color : resisting racism and reclaiming education / Kohli, Rita, author.
In pursuit of knowledge : Black women and educational activism in antebellum America / Baumgartner, Kabria, 1982- author. …


N -Fine Arts call numbers begin with N
Mark Bradford / Hill, Anita, author, interviewer.
Existed : Leonardo Drew / Drew, Leonardo.
Cassils : Solutions / Cassils.
Cassils : Solutions / Cassils.
Beyond representation in contemporary Caribbean art : space, politics, and the public sphere / Garrido Castellano, Carlos, author. …
Tania Bruguera : talking to power = hablándole al poder /
Ernesto Neto : the edges of the world. Neto, Ernesto, 1964-
Why have there been no great women artists? / Nochlin, Linda, author.
Summit of treasures : Buddhist cave art of Dazu, China / Howard, Angela Falco.
Martin Puryear : Liberty = Libertà / Puryear, Martin, 1941- artist.
Behind the veil of a myth = Tras el velo de un mito : Belkis Ayón / Ayón, Belkis, 1967-1999, artist. …
Behind the veil of a myth = Tras el velo de un mito : Belkis Ayón / Ayón, Belkis, 1967-1999, artist. …
The Chinese potter : a practical history of Chinese ceramics / Medley, Margaret, author.
Conceptualism in Latin American art : didactics of liberation / Camnitzer, Luis, 1937-
Radical virtuosity : Ana Mendieta and the Black Atlantic / Hyacinthe, Genevieve, author.


P -Language and Literature call numbers begin with P
Beyond hashtags : racial politics and black digital networks / Florini, Sarah, author.
Woe is I : the grammarphobe's guide to better English in plain English / O'Conner, Patricia T., author. …
The syntax handbook : everything you learned about syntax -- but forgot / Justice, Laura M., 1968- author. …
Who says? : mastering point of view in fiction / Zeidner, Lisa, author.
Literature as recreation in the later Middle Ages / Olson, Glending, author.
Once I was you : a memoir of love and hate in a torn America / Hinojosa, Maria, author.
The Jew of New York / Katchor, Ben, author, book designer.
Girl stories / Weinstein, Lauren R., author.
The secret to superhuman strength / Bechdel, Alison, 1960- author.
A regarded self : Caribbean womanhood and the ethics of disorderly being / Glover, Kaiama L., 1972- author. …
Petit pays : roman / Faye, Gaël, 1982- author.
Charlotte Brontë at the Anthropocene / Ross, Shawna, author.
The arrivants; a new world trilogy. Brathwaite, Kamau, 1930-2020.
Stories / Mansfield, Katherine, 1888-1923, author.
American originality : essays on poetry / Glück, Louise, 1943- author.
The complete poetry / Angelou, Maya, author.
Red comet : the short life and blazing art of Sylvia Plath / Clark, Heather L., author.
Just us : an American conversation / Rankine, Claudia, 1963- author.
The American golfer : a novel / Robinson, Anthony, author.
While justice sleeps : a novel / Abrams, Stacey, author.
The gods of tango : a novel / De Robertis, Carolina, author.
Wow, no thank you : essays / Irby, Samantha, author.
The city we became / Jemisin, N. K., author.
The thirty names of night : a novel / Joukhadar, Zeyn, author.
The accidental pilgrim : a novel / Kitsakos, Stephen, author.
The echoing Ida collection / Forward Together (Nonprofit organization). Echoing Ida, author.
Hamish takes the train / Hirst, Daisy, author, illustrator.
I like trains / Hirst, Daisy, author, illustrator.
Like a love story / Nazemian, Abdi, author.
The secret words / Anglim, Dominic, author.


Q -Science call numbers begin with Q
Entangled life : how fungi make our worlds, change our minds & shape our futures / Sheldrake, Merlin, author. …
Foraging New York : finding, identifying, and preparing edible wild foods / Brill, Steve.
Birds of New York : field guide / Tekiela, Stan.
World of wonders : in praise of fireflies, whale sharks, and other astonishments / Nezhukumatathil, Aimee, author. …
The body : a guide for occupants / Bryson, Bill, author.


R -Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Psychiatry call numbers begin with R
Unwell women : misdiagnosis and myth in a man-made world / Cleghorn, Elinor, author.
Understanding viruses / Shors, Teri, author.
Encounters in virology / Shors, Teri.
Clinical phonetics / Shriberg, Lawrence D., author.
Eliminating race-based mental health disparities : promoting equity and culturally responsive care across settings / …
The unapologetic guide to Black mental health : navigate an unequal system, learn tools for emotional wellness, and get the help you deserve / Walker, Rheeda, author. …


T -Technology, Engineering, Photography, Handicrafts call numbers begin with T
U.S. national debate topic, 2021-2022.
The origins of concrete construction in Roman architecture : technology and society in Republican Italy / Mogetta, Marcello, author. …
Electric vehicle engineering / Enge, Per, author.
Race car design / Seward, Derek, author.
Fernweh / Cole, Teju, photographer.
Santa Barbara : episode #2138 / Markosian, Diana, artist.
The last Cruze / Frazier, LaToya Ruby, 1982- photographer, interviewer, editor.
The adventures of Guille and Belinda and the illusion of an everlasting summer / Sanguinetti, Alessandra, photographer, author. …
You are eternity, you are the mirror / Palmer, Marcy, photographer.
Des oiseaux : Byung-Hun Min /
Des oiseaux : Byung-Hun Min /
Necessary fictions / Cornwall, Debi, 1973- photographer.
The insubordination of photography : documentary practices under Chile's dictatorship / Donoso Macaya, Ángeles, author. …
Wear, repair, repurpose : a maker's guide to mending and upcycling clothes / Fulop, Lily, author.
Mend! : a refashioning manual and manifesto / Sekules, Kate, author.


Z -Library Science, Bibliography call numbers begin with Z
The nature of the book : print and knowledge in the making / Johns, Adrian, author.
The nature of the book : print and knowledge in the making / Johns, Adrian, author.
Ink under the fingernails : printing politics in nineteenth-century Mexico / Zeltsman, Corinna, 1983- author. …