The campus Digital Arts Sciences & Humanities Group and the library have created a new lab in library room m36. It is not entirely an open lab, and its hours are supervised primarily by DASH interns.

The lab contains 20 student Macs and one teacher’s station Mac. A projector and two large screen TVs each can be accessed individually by any Mac in in the room, but only the teacher’s station can use all three at once. (The lab also contains a recording booth with microphone and mixer. Instructions for these will be posted soon.)

Projector & Crestron Panel

  1. Teacher station direct connection
  2. Apple TV for wireless and classroom PCs
  3. AirMedia for non-Apple wireless devices
  4. Rack HDMI cable connections
    1. on the podium by the Crestron
  5. Rack VGA & audio cable connections
    1. on the podium by the Crestron


NOTE: If teacher station sound is not coming through the speakers when using the projector click the “Sound 2 Projector” button on the Dock



3 Apple TVs – One on the projector & One on each wall TV

Any PC in this room can access any of the AppleTV’s but only the instructor can access all 3 at once using AirParrot software. Turn on Wall TVs using the TV remote marked WALL TVS.
You select each AppleTV by name. The teacher station uses AirParrot software only & Students use AppleDisplay select on the toolbar upper-right.
AppleTVs name and location:

    1. On Projector- select using Crestron panel
    1. TV Left (Bird)
    1. TV Back wall (Walrus)


AirParrot IconNOTE: after selecting the AppleTV you must enter the 4 digit code on your MAC.




Apple Remote Desktop Classroom Functions

Apple Remote Desktop gives you several very useful functions for a teacher in a classroom situation. But first a simple login is required. The password is simply                                             dash

ARD starts with the list of PCs with buttons above that. The classroom PCs are in the group “DASH LAB at STL M36” click on that to start.

Select one PC or press Command + A to select all then click any one of the buttons to:

  • Observe –                                 See what students are doing on their PCs
  • Control –                                   Help a student on their PC without leaving the teacher station
  • Lock Screen (or release) – If you need students’ attention lock their screen & Release the screen when done
  • Share Screen –                        Project the teacher station display directly to one or all student PCs
  • Copy –                                        Send a file to student PCs
  • Send Message –                     Simple text message to put on student screen

Preset actions in the left panel are set up to run on all student macs at once

We saved the most common actions you may want to run on all PCs at once and placed them in the left side panel.
Double click one of these preset actions to:

  • Lock All Screens –                  Get the classes attention of all students if you need
  • Unlock All Screens –             You must run this to return PCs to students after being locked
  • Show MyScreen on All –     Project your screen directly to all student PCs
  • Wake All –                                 Fix times when PCs are not responding to ARD, it does NOT power on Macs
  • Shutdown All –                       At the end of the day or class you can power off all DASH Lab Macs

NOTE: “Login All As Guest” – You only need this on special occasions when you have a group in the lab that does not have a campus login. I need it occasionally for maintenance. BUT to make it work: First all PCs have to be freshly rebooted & Next you have to run Wake All

Shut things down between uses and when you are done with the room

  • Press the System Off button on the Crestron panel for 3-4 seconds after every class or every time you’re finished using the projector.
    • This is important because it resets the Crestron timer that automatically shuts of the projector off. Using System off frequently an at the end of the day means the projector will not automatically shut off in the middle of a class.
  • Power off the TVs with the remote
  • Power off the sound booth with the remote
    • Never power off the sound booth light from the inside of the booth. The booth has a ventilator fan that must be on for safety. If you use the remote we know both the fan and the light are on.

What to do when things go wrong in M36 DASH Lab

  • When the Teachers PC audio does not come out of the speakers in the ceiling
    • The Teachers Station button must be selected (lit) on the Crestron panel. If you don’t want the projector with it you can press the projector off. OR
    • Run the desktop icon Sound 2 Projector (it looks like a bull horn) OR
    • Try the volume knob on the Crestron button panel OR
    • Try the mute button on the Crestron panel OR


  • The Crestron Panel buttons do nothing when you press them
    • Reset the button panel by taking its network cable out of the wall for 10 seconds and reinserting it.
    • Behind the rack, it is the upper right network port and the cable has one label that says Crestron Panel

NOTE: Pinch network cables top and bottom when removing & Don’t move the rack & never change the port

  • When the TV remote does not work
    • Power off the TV with main switch under the right bottom edge and power it back on
    • Check the battery with the battery tester at the tech desk


  • If an apple TV is frozen
    • Call a library tech student or tech staff for support we will reset the power on the Apple TV


  • When an Apple remote Desktop command does not work on all classroom Macs
    • Try the Wake All preset action on the left side of Apple Remote Desktop check to see if it is successful on all by looking in the History for the command results
If any of this fails contact library tech support
Make a report with library tech desk or Circ desk or Reference Desk

Dash Lab Summary Video- PCs Teachers station Projector and TVs

Dash Lab – Teachers Station Using Remote Desktop Functions


Modified 2018-04-19