Welcome to the Sojourner Truth Library Reservation System

Three reservation times possible:

Limit: 1 reservation per person per day.

10 AM – 12 NOON
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
3 PM – 6 PM

You Must Bring Your ID and wear a mask or you will not be allowed entrance.

At the end of the reservation period you MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING promptly to allow the next group of Library users the same access you enjoyed.

You may cancel your reservation but you are not guaranteed an alternate time.

Please book a block even if you only need to be in the library a short time. Note: Group study room booking is not available at this time. 

Use the separate Curbside Pick Up service if you have requested items from the physical collection.

IN order to ensure the safety of our Library users and those who work here please read and confirm you understand the Guidelines for Library Use During COVID-19.

By clicking “Continue” you agree to comply with those guidelines while in the building.


Modified 2020-08-25