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Wireless connections problems

make use The Wireless Button or Switch is On

Most laptops have a way to turn off the wireless antenna and it is easy to turn it off by accident. Find the switch and turn it back on. first look to the sides of the laptop typically it will be a slide switch marked with an antenna with semi-circles around it. Some laptops also make this a button next to the monitor.

Examples of wireless antenna icons:4 antena icons as described above

Other laptops may use a keyboard shortcut using the laptops FN key and a function key. The function key will be marked with a tiny wireless icon.

Be patient when you turn this on it may take time for your PC to recognize that the antenna is on. After a few seconds try to connect to a network the way you normally do. If this is your first time try the instructions in this link.

Wireless printing setup for all devices

Reset your connection settings with "forget this network"

Your PC or other device remembers the settings for any wireless connection and sometimes the network changes slightly or settings you tried were not correct. Then you need to completely remove the settings with the process known as "forget this network". The academic computing department has complied the instructions for this for any kind of device. Find the link for your device on the ACS page and click the link that applies.

Change wireless adapter settings

Sometime the setting causing the problem is not in the remembered wireless connection it is in a hardware setting, for example if you or someone set a fixed IP address to connect in some other location. In that case you should know where to find and change your wireless adapter settings or you could ask for help at the student help desk and some of the time there will be tech people on hand in the library who might be able to help. So if you have tried everything while in the library ask for help at the research desk or go to the student help desk.

Contact Info:
Student Help Desk:
Phone: 845-257-3597
Location: Humanities room 103