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Wireless Printing in the Library

Wireless printing has changed this year

Instead of installing the PaperCut client on your device you sign into a "web client" & the web client will also be where you release jobs. You still need to install the campus printer and queue on your device with the instructions below.

(Note the new "Web Client" is NOT the old "Web Print" option. Do not use the upload file to web print unless you have tried everything else first)

Printing with the web client works like this:
  • First you install a campus print queue on your device using one of the instructions links below
  • Sign on to the web client (see link below)
  • Print to the wireless printer you added and the job will show up in the web client jobs
  • Then click the "Printers" button in the upper right of the web client to release jobs
  • Scroll to find the 'Library-(' printers and select the printer number you sent the job to & release the job from the printer

Bookmark this: Campus Printing Web Client
Note this is NOT the old "Web Print" option.

Papercut Web Client:

on a Windows laptop to install one of the library printers use these URLS

Copy the URL for the printer you want then read the "Adding a printer..." instructions from the appropriate link below.

  • Printer 1
  • Printer 2
  • Printer 3
  • LateNight Room
  • Color Printer

Add a printer in Windows instructions

On a Mac laptop or other operating system use these instructions to add a printer to them

iPad, iPhone and Android devices need special set up please use the campus page below.

All Campus Wireless printing articles

Click for a Video Walk Through 

NOTE-APPLE OSX: Double sided printing requires one step not in the instructions for your apple device!

  1. Find and select the "Duplex_installed" option in the the printer properties that show after you click the Add button.

If you are still using the installed PaperCut client from last year

  • You can login to PaperCut any time by right clicking the PaperCut icon by the clock on the bottom right hand side of your PC screen and choosing "Login as"
  • NOTE: If your laptop goes to sleep you may need to log in to PaperCut again.
  • Print jobs do not print out until you go to the PaperCut print release web page and tell them to print. See Below:

Releasing your print jobs with the PaperCut web page

Bookmark the Print job release web page

After printing, your jobs will not come out until you release them with these steps:

  1. Double click the PaperCut icon by the clock OR Click the Details link in the Print Balance Window, OR Sign on to the PaperCut web page with your normal SUNY New Paltz user ID and password
  2. Click on the Jobs Pending release link on the left, then select and release your print jobs to the printer
A picture of the papercut instructions above