There has been a change to our access to the Kanopy Streaming Database. Beginning Wednesday, November 28, until January 14, Kanopy content will be limited to those films for which we have purchased an annual license.. The remaining unlicensed films in the Kanopy catalog are set to “Request to View” rather than “View.” Kanopy operates on a Public Driven Acquisitions (PDA) model. The library pays an annual license of approximately $135.00 for each film that is viewed 4 or more times for 30 seconds or longer. The campus is able to enjoy the entire Kanopy catalog of 20,000 plus films until our annual PDA budget is depleted. Once the budget is depleted we only have access to those films that were licensed. We have now reached the end of our annual Kanopy budget.

Unlicensed films in Kanopy are now set to “Request to View.” If you select a video and see this message, it means the Library will need to pay to license further access.  You are welcome submit these requests.  The library will evaluate each one and contact the requester. If there is a particular film in Kanopy that you have planned to screen in your classroom between November 28 and January 14, please notify Valerie Mittenberg (

The New York Public Library offers access to Kanopy to NYPL card holders. Visit to learn how New York State residents can apply for a NYPL card.

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Modified 2018-11-26