Pay Library Fines in Person

You can pay your library fines in person at the library check out desk with cash or money order only and only during business hours, Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Holds on your account will be cleared by next business day if you pay in person. Holds will be cleared automatically right away if you pay online.

Policies on fines and lending periods can be found here.

Pay Library Fines Online

You can pay your fines online any time of day with your credit card or from your checking account with an electronic check option. Sign on with the link below to see what your fines are then click the Make Payment button on that page to begin the process. There is a fairly simple form to fill out and it includes instructions but there are also a couple quick tips below.

Click Here to Pay Your Fines Online

 Tips for paying your fines online:

To Pay by Credit card:

You need your credit card number and its Security Code.

Here is how to find the security code:

MasterCard and Visa Security Code
Typically the security codes are a group of three digits to the right of the signature strip.
Three Digit Example
American Express Security Code
The security code is a printed (NOT embossed) group of four digits on the front of the card, above the card number and to the right.
American Express Example


To Pay by Electronic Check:

You need your checkbook to get the routing number from bottom of one of your checks. Don’t enter the check number though.

Check showing location of routing number

Modified 2018-04-19