Library Information for Campus

Dear SUNY New Paltz Faculty Staff and Students, please read on for information on how the Library can help you succeed in an online learning environment!


Don’t try to return materials. Overdue materials will not generate fines. Once we are clear that it’s ok travel in public you will be able to return any items either to STL or most likely, any library. DO keep your Library materials on a separate shelf so you can find them easily when it’s safe to return them.


ASK A LIBRARIAN FOR HELP finding materials you need for online classes. There is much more available online through the Library than through Google (or Google Scholar) or other outside resources. Librarians will respond as quickly as possible to your requests via email, phone or text.

BE SURE TO SIGN IN to the Library website to get access to the hundreds of thousands of online full-text, streaming sources.


The amount of online content now available is enormous. Use Ask A Librarian for:

  • Online editions of Items on reserve in the Library
  • Online editions of Items in Library collections you intended to use for teaching
  • Problems retrieving materials or connecting to streaming video
  • ILL requests -they will not be filled this semester

Publishers, including JSTOR and Project Muse, and streaming video publishers have temporarily removed paywalls. What is not already available the Library will attempt to acquire electronically. It’s a good idea to ask even if you have searched the catalog. Many items are only recently available and not yet cataloged. So don’t hesitate to ask!

We ask that you let students know what items you’ve obtained through the Library to reduce demand. Do encourage students to use Ask A Librarian for help.


Check the Library website for further updates!

Modified 2020-03-21