Registration and Orientation

  • All patrons wishing to use Special Collections (SC) must complete the front page of this form.
  • All materials must be viewed at the SC Table behind the Reference Desk.
  • To assist in the preservation of books and documents, all researchers must handle materials carefully.
  • All briefcases, purses, and backpacks are to be placed on the shelves near the SC Table.
  • To preserve our unique materials, food and beverages are strictly prohibited.
  • Notes are to be taken in pencil only. Researchers may use laptops in the Reading Area.
  • Scanning of materials is prohibited without permission. Researchers may use their smart phones to take photos of materials.
  • Researchers will use one set of materials at a time, and will be careful to maintain their original sequence.

Publication, Citation, and Copyright

  • Researchers who plan to publish or exhibit original material from Special Collections must obtain written permission from the Dean of the Sojourner Truth Library.
  • Each use of materials must be accompanied by proper credit to: Special Collections, Sojourner Truth Library, State University of New York at New Paltz.
  • Sojourner Truth Library assumes no responsibility for infringement of copyright. The researcher is responsible for obtaining the necessary copyright clearance and publication rights for all materials.

Special Collections Access Request Form



Modified 2023-08-01