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Note to researchers: This primarily a collection of copies of original materials held in other collections and newspaper clippings, articles, etc. related to Sojourner Truth and celebrations in her honor. We do not hold any original primary source documents related to Sojourner Truth.



FOLDER 1 ST Bibliographies

  • STL Bibliographies of books and articles of Sojourner Truth 4/84 (7 pgs.)
  • Bibliography from In Black and White (2 pgs.)
  • Bibliography from We Shall Be Heard by Beverly Manning
  • Bibliography form Journey Toward Freedom
  • Contents – Articles in bound volume (journals)
  • Contents – Sojourner Truth Memorabilia (notebook)
  • Acknowledgements and sources “Her Name was Sojourner Truth” by Pauli
  • Bibliography from History of Women’s Suffrage (missing)
  • Bibliography from American Orators before 1900. Sojourner Truth (from Baltimore Sun and Commercial Advertiser March 6, 1874) (text not copy), 1874
  • New York Times Personal Name Index
  • Bibliography: Further Reading from Sojourner Truth by Krass, P.J.

FOLDER 2 ST Biographies (reviews)

  • Review on “Sojourner Truth, A Self Made Woman” by Victoria Ortiz – New York Times
  • “Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America” The Early Years, 1619-1899” 1997. Pg.174-178, Sojourner Truth
  • American National Biography. Vol 2. 1999. Pg. 880
  • Susan B. Anthony: A Biographical Companion. Judith E. Harper. 1998. Pg. 224

FOLDER 3 ST Chronologies

  • Chronology Notes and Sources on the Life of Sojourner Truth by Hertha Pauli (10 pgs.)
  • Sojourner Truth Institute. 5/12/1999
  • Sojourner Truth (1798-1883) Black slave, then itinerant crusader… by Alvin Thiessen, Librarian, STL c.1970 (4 pgs.)

FOLDER 4 ST Owners, Genealogies and Residences – Ulster County

  • David Van Wagenen m. Maria Sluyter (5166) (family name changed – Van Wagner)
  • Article “Sojourner Truth: Talent of Former Rifton Slave recalled through Estate Sale”
  • Photograph – House of Col. Johannes Hardenbergh from History of New Paltz p.462
  • “Sojourner Truth” Hurley in the Days of Slavery by Olive M. Clearwater and John J. Hofler p.25 (entire booklet)
  • Van Wagenen Genealogy from Carl Van Wagenen (used to make remarks at Sojourner Truth Day Dinner)
  • Genealogy – John J. Dumont, Van Gaasbeek Dumont
  • Letter to Reference Librarian from John Eastman May 27, 1981 requesting information on Sojourner Truth’s Birthplace
  • Rifton Valley map based on 1920 Rifton Land Corp.
  • Article – “Hutterian Kids a Lving Lesson in History” by Michelle Snyder, The Times Herald Record, May 31, 1989
  • Photograph of Isaac/Marie Van Wagenen Property Route 32
  • “Sojourner Truth: Her Early History of Slavery” by H. Hendricks
  • “Visit Sojourner Truth’s Birthplace’ Article with photograph
  • 2 maps (both marked with Sojourner Truth locations)
    • Section of Esopus map
    • Section of Rosendale map

FOLDER 5 Residence, Adult

  • Article “Freedom Base, Ex-Slave fought from State” by Monroe Walker, Detroit News, 1983
  • “History of the County of Westchester: The Town of Ossining” p. 20-21 by Bolton
  • History of Ossining p.65, “Negro History Bulletin” v. 36(3) by Smith, 1973

FOLDER 6 Family

  • David Van Wagenen m. Maria Sluyter (5166) (family name changed to Van Wagner)
  • Article – “Sojourner Truth Rescues son Peter from Sale to Gedney” 1826? Negro History Bulletin by Smith. v.36 (3), 1973
  • Article – “Sojourner Truth’s Son Peter”. Negro History Bulletin Nov. 1955
  • “Sojourner Truth’s Memory Lives On” by Joy Bennett Josey, Enquirer and News, November 26. 1981

FOLDER 7 Religious Connections

  • “History of Ossining” by Smith Negro History Bulletin v. 36(3) p.65, 1973
  • Letter from Irene Martin of Elting Memorial Library in New Paltz regarding information on A.M.E. Zion Church
  • “What is Truth?” The Atlantic Union Gleaner, June 24, by Donald E. Bourne, 1986


FOLDER 8 Letters to Post Family (Originals in Rochester Library)

  • Letter to Amy Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth October 1, 1865
  • Letter to Mrs. Post from Sojourner Truth July 3, 1866
  • Letter to Amy Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth April 25, 1867
  • Letter to Amy Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth August 25, 1867
  • Letter to Amy Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth November 4, 1867
  • Letter to Amy Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth January 18, 1869
  • Letter to Amy Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth February 8, 1869
  • Letter to Amy. Kirby Post from Sojourner Truth August 26, 1873


FOLDER 9 Letters to Mary Gale 1 (copies)

  • Florence, Northampton April 15, 1852
  • Florence, Northampton April 15, 1853
  • Bath July 23, 1855
  • Detroit, Michigan February 25, 1864

FOLDER 10 Miscellaneous Letters

  • To Friend from Sojourner Truth – Florence, Northampton – May 12
  • To Sojourner Truth from B.M. Smith – December 31, 1870
  • To Mary Gale from D.H. Morgan – Monroe, Green County, Wisconsin – September 27, 1871
  • To Mary Gale from Frances Titus – Battle Creek, Michigan – September 14, 1873
  • To Mary Gale from Sojourner Truth – Battle Creek, Michigan – March 31, 1876

FOLDER 11 Newsclippings and Miscellaneous

  • “Old Sojourner Truth on the Tobacco Question” (n.d.n. source) “Sojourner Truth on the Fashions” “Sojourner Truth – A Letter from Battle Creek Michigan”
  • “Lecture by Sojourner Truth” “Argument of Sojourner Truth”
  • Petition for public land in the west
  • Advertisement for Sojourner Truth’s “Narrative and Book of Life”
  • A Hymn, Sung by James H. Walker at Parting with Sojourner Truth and others
  • Sojourner Truth by Mrs. F.D. Gage
  • Sojourner Truth by Reverend Richard Cordley, D.D., Emphoria, Kansas

FOLDER 12 Clippings and Articles from Willard Library (includes folder list of articles)

  • Clippings about Sojourner Truth from newspapers before 1900
  • Clippings about Sojourner Truth from newspapers after 1900
  • Clippings about memorials, plaques, celebrations
  • Clippings about family and houses


FOLDER 13 Clippings to 1900

  • “Sojourner Truth Makes Her Will” (from the Chicago Tribune) New York Times December 26, p.2, 1881
  • “Sojourner Truth Renewing Her Youth” New York Times September 1, p.2, 1881
  • “Sojourner Truth’s Age” New York Times August 4, 1881
  • “Sojourner Truth’s Greeting: The Colored Centenarian’s Good Wishes for the New Year” January 3, p.5, 1881
  • “A Centenarian Lecturer” New York Times February 25. p.2 1879
  • “Sojourner Truth” Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser March 6, 1874
  • 2 unmarked pages
  • The widely known and extraordinary negress who calls herself Sojourner Truth… New York Times Dec 4. Pg.4 c.6, 1884

FOLDER 14 Clippings after 1900

  • “Sojourner Truth: Talent of Former Rifton Slave Recalled through Estate Sale”
  • “A Day of Truth in Ulster County’, Poughkeepsie Journal, November 26, 1988 by Melanie Eversley, 1988
  • “Her Name was Truth”, Sunday Compass Magazine, February 12, 1950 by Norman Studer, 1950
  • “A Black History Special: Profiles in Greatness”, The Oracle, March 1 by Jamie Kleinkauf,1989
  • “Liberating Women and Other Slaves: Sojourner Truth’s Forgotten Mission”, Detroit Free Press, April 23 by Barry Wood, 1972
  • “Tribute to Reformer”, Michigan Herald – Palladium
  • “Ex-Slave Fought from State”, Detroit News, February by Monroe Walker ,1983
  • Sunday Magazine in Middletown Record. December 9, 1984
  • Crusader for blacks, women symbolizes fight fir Truth in Daily Freeman. January 31 by Charles B. Swain,1980

FOLDER 15 ERIC Documents

  • Document Resume/Abstract and Article “Sable Queens in Bondage: Reading, Independent Study and Research on the American Slave Narrative” (25 pgs.)
  • ERIC Report “Peace Is Our Profession: Teaching Non-Violence in the Schools” (24 pgs.), 1984
  • ERIC Report “Sojourner Truth: A Woman of Strength and Vision” (12 pgs.) ,1979
  • ERIC Report “Literary Foremothers Rediscovered: Knight, Fuller, Starton and Sojourner Truth” (38 pgs.), 1976
  • Document Resume/Abstract and Article “Semantics and Sojourner Truth’ by Rosemarie Arbur (9 pgs.), 1977
  • “Myself and Women Heros in My World” A kindergarden Social Studies Book, National Women’s History Project, 1985
  • “For the Dignity of Humanity” 2nd Annual Commemoration of Black History, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1979

FOLDER 16 Studer, Norma Collection

  • “Sojourner Truth” by Carolyn W. Waligursle from the Hurley Folk
  • Cantana (music sheet) (handwritten music score), 1959
  • Text of the Cantana, Sojourner Truth composed by Robert de Cormier, lyrics by Carl Abrams (original copy of secondary copy)
  • “Catskill Festival” New York Times August, 1953
  • “Folk Festival Will Honor Catskill Mountain Ex-Slave” Catskill Mountains News August, 1953
  • Advertisement for “Sojourner Truth” a musical play and the Catskill Variety Show, 1953
  • Advertisement for an Upstate – Downstate Folk Festival, 1953
  • Play – Sojourner Truth presented by 8th grade of Downtown Community School (28 pgs. With cover letter from Norman)
  • Article on the Sojourner Truth Memorial Fund (Photograph of Sojourner Truth Bust modeled by Herb Rosenberg), 1956
  • Sojourner Truth Group Poem composed by 7th graders of Downtown Community School in 1959
  • Letter to and from Norman Studer (Mr. Shepherd) regarding material on Sojourner Truth, 1977
  • Special Interest Account Book no.15945 of Sojourner Truth Memorial Foundation c/o Norman Studer at State of New York National Bank, Kingston, New York and United States Information return of earnings paid by Lincoln Savings Bank, New York.
  • Press release for play


BOX #2

FOLDER 18 Commemorative Stamp

  • First Day of Issue
    • Sojourner Truth Stamp February 4 (2 Copies) -Copy of First Day Issue – Arthur Brargman (a copy), 1986
  • 8×10 Black and White photograph of speaker and V.O.U. Choir at Sojourner Truth Commemorative Stamp Ceremony
  • Article – “Former Slave Made the Rights of Others Her Personal Fight” by P.C. Kutschera, Times Herald Record, and February 2 (2 copies), 1986
  • Letter from William Connors to the Library Staff regarding the Sojourner Truth Commemorative Stamp Ceremony (missing)
  • Article – “Sojourner Truth to be Honored in Black Heritage Series” by Syd Kronich, St. Petersberg Times January 19, 1986
  • “Truth Stamp Brings Home Rights Battle” by P.C. Kutschera, the Times Herald Record, February 5, 1986
  • “Stamp Will Honor Area Abolitionist” by George Berkin, The Daily Freeman July 12, 1985
  • “Truth Stamp Issued in New Paltz” The Daily Freeman October 30, 1985
  • Article on Sojourner Truth Stamp, College at. New Paltz Observer, Winter/Spring, 1986
  • “Stamp Ceremony Set for Rights Figure” by P.C. Kutschera, The Daily Freeman, October 30, 1986
  • “Stamp Commemorates Truth” The Times Herald Record, January 2, 1986
  • “Stamp Honors Ulster Human Rights Advocate” by Harvey Auster, Poughkeepsie Journal. February 5, 1986
  • “Stamp to Honor Ulster Native”, “ST scored many ‘firsts’ by P.C. Kutschera. Times Heralds Record. 6/20, 1985
  • “Stamp Ceremonies Held at,” by Karie C. Vincent, The Oracle February 13, 1986
  • “New Stamp Honors Sojourner Truth” by Syd Kronish
  • “Sojourner Truth Stamp Debuts” Ulster Pioneer vol.99 #4 January 22, 1986
  • Sojourner Truth – Information on Arthur Brangan artist, New Paltz graduate, Observer Spring, 1986

FOLDER 19 Memorials to Sojourner Truth (See also Willard Library Folder 12)

  • “Sojourner Truth” by Smith, Negro History Bulletin 36(3) (p.63, p.65, missing p.64), 1973
  • “Sojourner Truth Listener to the Voice” by Grace Ferguson Smith Negro History Bulletin 36(6), 1973
  • Letter to Richard Shepard from E.J. Josey
  • “Sojourner to be Launched” Ferry Tales – Ferry Sloops, 1981
  • “Sojourner Truth letter to the editor” Wilma Peterson of New Paltz National Observer February 8, 1975
  • “Setting Sail from a Cornfield” by Bill and Binnie Williams National Observer February 4, 1975
  • “Sojourner Quilt to be exhibited at U.C.C.C.”
  • “Binghamton Launches women’s Research Center” The Voice March p.7 , 1989
  • “Sojourner Truth Slept Here” Ms. December 1980 Smith Alumni Quarterly February, 1974
  • “New Scholarship Fund Honors Sojourner Truth” by Mary Elizabeth Murdock p.20-21 (entire Smith Alumnae Quarterly, Feb, 1974
  • “Sojourner Truth: Ossining” By Smith Negro History Bulletin v.36 (3) (missing), 1973
  • Letters from and to Joyce Hessney Lottehos
  • “Motown Sets Tone for Listing of Places Blacks Made History” by Michael Clements Detroit News March 17, 1991
  • “Library Remembers Sojourner Truth”

FOLDER 20 Sojourner Truth in Art

  • “Children Must be Protected from the Harm of Race”
  • “Preservation of a Statue of Sojourner Truth” Negro History Bulletin April, 1962
  • Sojourner Truth “The Dinner Party; A Symbol of Our Heritage” Anchor Press, 1979
  • “Truth Statue is Orphan” by Rob Borsellino Daily Freeman
    • “Hurley in the Days of Slavery” Article on above statue
    • B&W Photograph of a painting “Paomtomg’ by Dudley Summer
    • B&W Photograph of a sketch of Sojourner Truth by Charles Burlergh from the collections of Northampton Historical Society, Massachusetts
  • “Sojourner Truth Personality Arises” by J.D. Callaghan (Painting of Sojourner Truth and Abraham Lincoln by Frank C. Coulter)
  • “The Libyan Sibyl” by William Wetmore Story
    • B&W Photograph of Marble Statue: The Libyan Sibyl”
  • “Her Name Was Sojourner Truth” 1971 Oil on illustration board by Mort Kunstler, Jericho Public Library Newsletter, 1982
  • Women Art Educators IV Herstories, Ourstories, Future Stories. “Sojourner Truth Mural: Investigating African American History through Public Art” Rikki Asher. (2 copies), 1998

FOLDER 21 Sojourner Truth in Literature

  • Letters to and from Patricia Kennedy/William (July 13, 1978, April 20, 1978, Jan 3, 1978)
  • Connors regarding a borrowed Sojourner Truth negative, 1978
  • “Great American Negros in Verse 1723 – 1965″ Eloise Culver, 1966
  • “Sojourner Truth Freedom Fighter”
  • “Passion” New poem 1977 – 1980 by June Jordan “A Song of Sojourner Truth”
  • “Many Thousands Gone: The first two centuries of slavery in North America” Ira Berlin – pg. 56, 182, 1998

FOLDER 22 Sojourner Truth in Music

  • “Sojourner Truth’ the Hurley Folk Cantana by Carolyn Waligurski

FOLDER 23 “Isabella” play given by Goddard-Riverside Players at SUNY N.P.

  • Advertisement. For ‘Isabella” a play. Sunday September 23 at SUNY New Paltz main level Sojourner Truth Library Lobby, 1973
  • “Isabella” a play. Written by Walter Ludwig (27 pgs.)
  • Advertisement for Goddard-Riverside Older Adult Camp
  • Letters to and from Mr. Ludwig/Richard Shepard regarding play and tape, 1973
  • Goddard-Riverside Community Center Annual Report
    • 1970
    • 1971


FOLDER 24 Sojourner Truth in Theatre, Musicals, Dance

  • “Journey to Freedom” Live Performances New York Delegate vol.3, no.1 March p.8, 1989
  • “Isabella” a play by Walter Ludwig– Advertisement (see folder 23 for more), 1973
  • “Sojourner Truth Legendary Ulster County Heroine” A one woman show, “Miss Truth” with Dr. Glory Van Scott. at Baily Junior High School, 1979
  • Pauline Myers – one woman dramatization of “The World of my America” 1970
  • “She Tells the Black’s Story” by Margaret Hartford (about. Pauline Myers) Los Angeles Times December 2, 1970
  • Kennedy Center Stagebill – presents Glory Van Scott in “Miss Truth” March (flier and review), 1979
  • “A Woman Called Truth” March 16,1991
  • “Keep in Mind”
  • “Womanspeak” by Gloria Goldsmith, 1976

FOLDER 25 Sojourner Truth in the Media –

  • Tape and text in Audiovisual box (4)
  • Folder Empty

FOLDER 26 Sojourner Truth Portraits (includes Photographs)

  • Sojourner Truth 1864 Photograph of a Legendary
  • Black Leader – Advertisement
  • Photograph credits
  • Photograph of Sojourner Truth “Cartes de Visite” (misc., web searches)
  • Photograph (of painting) Sojourner Truth with Abraham Lincoln “Book of Life”
  • Photograph of Sojourner Truth’s Daughter Diana Corbin from “I Want to Ride” (copies of misc.)
    • (3) Photographs of Sojourner Truth
  • Photograph of Sojourner Truth (Drawing)
  • Copy of Sojourner Truth Lecture Poster
  • Photograph from Willard Library, Battle Creek, Michigan
    • (2) 35m negatives
    • Standing with case and bonnet
    • Standing with hand on hip
  • 8×10 negative Sojourner Truth seated with flowers
    • (2) Small black and white photographs
    • Standing
    • Head
  • 5×7 black and white Sojourner Truth (Sojourner Truth cut out) standing with case (used for STL large portrait)
  • Copy of Sojourner ‘Truth with flowers
  • Xerox copy of photograph in Camp Woodland Materials
  • “Shadow and Substance: Sojourner Truth” by Kathleen Collins
  • The Heart of the Lake Union
  • Mabee letter to Sauer: re: photo usage, July 24, 1992

FOLDER 27 Library Dedication – March 13, 1971

  • Article – “New Library at New Paltz to honor Sojourner Truth” Poughkeepsie Journal May 3, 1970
  • Brief History of the Library Buildings at SUNY New Paltz
  • “A Great Figure of the Civil War, Sojourner Truth, to be Honored with Library Bearing Her Name” Daily Freeman May 9, 1970
  • “Truth Library Dedicated in New Paltz Ceremonies” Evening News March 15, 1971
    • (2) “Colorful Ex-Slave Traveled in Righteousness” by Al Green Library Dedication
  • 8×10 and (2) 3×5 black and white photographs of Phyl Garland, New York editor of Ebony Magazine
  • “Sojourner Truth a Short Review- Printer for Sojourner Truth Library by Mabel Jones
  • State University Construction Fund Project no.0808 (Library Project. Description)
    • (2) Dedication – The Sojourner Truth Library March 12, 1971
  • “Sojourner Truth – A Short Review” by Mabel Jones
  • Hall and Agnes Scott Smith – Printed for Sojourner Truth Library
  • Letter to Richard Shepard from Donald Kent
  • Description of Sojourner Truth (In Memoriam) used in Library Exhibit

FOLDER 28 Sojourner Truth Exhibits

  • Description of Sojourner Truth (In Memoriam) used in Sojourner Truth Exhibit

FOLDER 29 ST Carleton Mabee (SUNY NP) Scholarly Articles and Papers

  • Afro-Americans by Life and History v.14 No. 1 Jan St fights dependence on gone, 1990
  • “An off print from the New England Quarterly” VXI No.4 Dec, 1988
  • Sojourner Truth Bold Prophet: Why did she never learn to read?? New York History Jan , 1988
  • Draft of the Above Articles by C. Mabee March 21 (missing), 1986

FOLDER 30 Ulster county Recognition Committees/ Events

  • “A New Home for Sojourner Truth Statue” , 1961
  • “Group Launches Fund Appeal for Sojourner Truth Statue” Daily Freeman July 4, 1979
  • “Sojourner Truth Ulster Slave. Preached the Gospel and Fought for Freedom” Daily Freeman July, 1976
    • Letter to Legislator Hall from Donald Kent September 21 regarding County recognition day for Sojourner Truth, 1970
  • Letter to Richard Shepard from Donald Kent January 21, 1971
  • Resolution no.52 February 11 regarding: Honoring the Memory of Sojourner Truth , 1971
  • “Truth Tapped for Tercentennial” by Kent Allen Daily Freeman November, 1982
  • “Sojourner Truth Rates More” by Allen Duane Daily Freeman August, 1981
  • “An Investment in History” Ms. September, 1979
  • “Sojourner Truth” Woodstock Times March, 1982
  • “Commemoration Proposed” (reader’s write) Daily Freeman August, 1981
  • “S.T. Cited for Efforts” Daily Freeman. July 12, 1982
  • “Funds Set for Truth Marker” Daily Freeman June, 1982
  • “Sojourner Truth to be Honored” by Modele Clarke Poughkeepsie Journal July, 1982
  • “A Case for Truth’ DCCC Newsletter December, 1981
  • Womanwrite S.T.
  • S.T. Committee S.T. Day July 30. Centennial Celebration Program, 1983
  • A day of Truth in Ulster County. Poughkeepsie Journal. 11/26, 1988


  • “County City Will Pay Tribute to Sojourner Truth” The Daily Freeman. Kingston, NY March 4, 1971
  • Letter to Jacqueline Bernand from William Heidgard regarding Sojourner Truth heritage and research
  • Letter to Mrs. William Heidgard from Jacqueline Bernand Dec 16, 1962
  • Letter to William Heidgard from Jean Sauer about “Sojourner Truth Dedication” Feb 10, 1971
  • “A Monument to Colonel Chandler… But None for Sojourner” by Tobie Geertsema. Kingston Daily Freeman Oct 28 (2 pgs., 2 copies), 1968
  • Sojourner Truth’s Ulster Birth Recalled as Maryland Honors Memory of Slave by Margaret Craft July 17 (2 copies), 1966
  • “On a Platform, She was “Unforgettable” The Daily Freeman. March 6. Dedicating a Library (2 copies), 1971
  • “Women Added to Finalists for Abolitionists Statue” New York Times. Feb 20 (2 copies), 2000
  • “Battle creek Honors Sojourner Truth” by Lisa Singhamia Herald-Palladium (2 copies), 1999
  • “Sojourner Truth plaque dedicated in Esopus” Times Herald Record July 22 (2 copies), 1999
  • The truth about Truth: Biographer finds real hero behind myths of ex slave’s life by Blaise Schweitzer. Daily Freeman August 12, 1993

FOLDER 31 Sojourner Truth Day Dinner New Paltz March 23, 1989

  • David VanWagenen m. Maria. Sluyter (5166) (family name changed – VanWagner) – presented by Carl VanWagenen
  • Sojourner Truth Library Old Business – Symposium -Budget
  • Tape from Dinner removed to audio visual box , 1989
  • Information on family background from Carl VanWagenen with family tree
  • Draft minutes from Sojourner Truth Day Dinner meeting Talk at Sojourner Truth Day Dinner meeting at the Dubois Fort Restaurant, New Paltz
  • Welcome by Thomas G. Nyquist 2/23, 1989
  • Sojourner Truth Day Program/Menu
  • “Villiage Declares Sojourner Truth Day” March, 1989
  • Program for Sojourner Truth Day/ Registration Letter to Jean Sauer from Thomas Nyquist March 3, 1989 regarding the designation of March 23, 1989 as Sojourner Truth Day
  • Application for funding/Corinne Nyquist
  • Sojourner Truth Library Old Business December 12, 1986
  • Symposium memos March 10,1987
  • Format memo (March 18)
  • Resolution fr. ST Day committee passed 2/22/89
  • Letter to Corinne Nyquist from Robert Munper regarding Sojourner Truth Symposium 100th Commencement (missing)
  • List of names and addresses/people interested in Sojourner Truth (2pgs)
  • In search of the real Truth

FOLDER 32 Sojourner Truth Day Dinner New Paltz March 22, 1990 (entire folder missing)

  • “Sojourner Truth Day” program/menu March Dobois Fort Restaurant, 1990
  • Minutes of Sojourner Truth Dinner – Welcome by Mayor Thomas Nyquist/Introduction etc. (2 copies)
  • Copy of a letter January, 1884
  • David VanWagenen m. Maria Sluvter (family name changed – VanWagner) presented at dinner, 1989
  • Copy of program/registration
  • Sojourner Truth Day Dinner meeting program/menu copies (2)
  • Women’s History Month Events sponsored by the Women’s Studies [Program: A Century of Women Working for Social Justice]

FOLDER 33 Sojourner Truth Day Dinner New Paltz March 8, 1991

  • “Sojourner Truth Day” program menu 3/8, 1991
  • Women’s History Month Events sponsored by the Women’s Studies [Program: A Century of Women Working for Social Justice]
  • Minutes of Sojourner Truth Dinner – Welcome by Mayor Thomas Nyquist/Introduction etc. (2 copies) (missing)
  • “Sojourner Truth Day” program (missing)
  • Advertisement “Sojourner Truth: Autobiography of the emblematic slave woman”- given by Nell Irvin Painter, March, 1991
  • In Search of the Real Truth: historians show new interest in legendary ex-slave” by Blaise Schweiter Daily Freeman March 5, 1991

FOLDER 34 S.T. Day Dinner NP 3/7/92

  • Poster
  • Invitation
  • Program and 4 sheets containing texts of songs
    • Song of a Fugitive Slave
    • I am Pleading for My People
    • We’re Going Home
    • The Valiant Soldiers

FOLDER 35 S.T. Day Dinner NP 3/13/93 and 3/27/93

  • “Sojourner Truth Day” Program with Song Sheets, March 13 and 27, 1993
  • United Methodist Church Celebration of Sojourner Truth Day

FOLDER 36 (to be processed?)

  • (Magazine) Kaatskill Life, Fall 2009, Vol. 24 #3, “Searching for Truth” p. 20-24

BOX #3


  • Printout of STL holding – videocassette ”Aint I a Woman”, 27 mins. Directed by Judy Chaiken and produced by Loren Stephans, 1982
  • Voice of America Tape and script December 14 (7” reel-to-reel) “Sojourner Truth an American Original” by Janelle Haskell, 1975
  • Sojourner Truth Library Dedication Tape (7” reel-to-reel)
  • Sojourner Truth Library Dedication cassette (copy)
  • “Sojourner Truth Walking to Freedom” Sound Recording, 1983
  • Sojourner Truth Day Dinner ends before A.J. Williams-Myers -Color slides – Library dedication, 1989
  • Filmstrip “Sojourner Truth” written by Judith Miller, illustrated by Virginia Apostolides (copy of a book)
  • National Women’s History Project: pin of stamp and booklet, bio cards “Foremothers”
  • Sojourner Truth (pt. 8 of 12 part series, Black Americans of achievement)
  • Schlessinger Video Productions, Videocassette (30 min.): sd., col. and b&w; 1/2 in.
  • Published/Produced: Bala Cynwyd, PA : Schlessinger, 1992


BOX #4


  • SUNY Board of Trustees Minutes April 29. Resolution approving the designation of the Library as the Sojourner Truth Library, 1970
  • Photos displayed at Sojourner Truth Library dedication March 15, 1971
  • Sojourner Truth Paper Doll Collection by Tom Tierney donated by Barbara Hardgrave October 2007. Mounted and paper copy. (Signed)

Original Newspaper Articles

  • “Stamp Ceremonies Held at College” by Karie Vincent, The Oracle February 13 p.3, 1986
  • “Former Slave Made the Rights of Others Her Personal Fight: Stamp Ceremony Tuesday” by P.C. Kutschera The Sunday Record February 2, 1986
  • “Social Causes Were Her Calling in Life” Sunday Record February 2, 1986
  • “Sojourner Truth, A Former Slave’s Crusade for Justice” Times Herald Record Sunday Magazine February 2, 1986
  • “Her Name Was Truth” by Norman Studer Sunday Compass Magazine Section February 12, 1950
  • Advertisement for “Isabella” a play @ Sojourner Truth Library September 23
  • Artist series presents Pauline Myers in Commemoration of the Sojourner Truth Library, poster March 12, 1971
  • “Journey to Freedom” poster, celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights November 10
  • “Celebrating Black Women’s History” poster, 1988
  • “Woman Suffrage Movement 1848 – 1920” poster, 1989
  • “Sojourner Truth 1797 – 1883” poster (2 copies), 1976
  • Women and the Civil War Poster, 1990
  • “The Life and Legend of Sojourner Truth” Poster March 1st 7 and 9 pm. Coykendall Science Building Auditorium
  • “In the Search of Truth” Sunday Freeman by Blaise Schweitzer Feb 25 (3 pgs.), 2001
  • 2 pgs. from “Judy Chicago’s Dinner party” book
  • “Sojourner Truth” a linoleum proof by Malcolm A. Goff


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