Code of Library Conduct during COVID-19

Despite limited staffing, the Library is committed to provide as much access to space and services as safely possible. However, some of these are necessarily reduced. We ask your patience and cooperation to keep the Library available to our students, staff and faculty and you must bring a valid campus ID to enter the building.

To that end we ask that all Library users bear in mind the following. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF ACCESS TO LIBRARY PRIVILEGES.

Comply with the Protect New Paltz Guidelines

Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow all campus guidelines. These exist for your safety – and for that of Library staff, who interact with dozens of library users every day. Alert Library staff immediately of any violations.

Use our online and remote services wherever possible

Research Help is available online through Ask A Librarian every day. ANYONE can use this service! Students are especially encouraged to ask for help as soon as you think you might need a book, article, or just help exploring the enormous range of online resources the Library offers.

Use our Curbside Pick Up program – open to current students, staff and faculty – to obtain materials from our physical collections. Almost anything on the shelves is available for borrowing. If you don’t see something you need: Ask A Librarian.

Respect the limited Library space

To ensure safety, many areas are not available, or have limited availability. We deeply regret the inconvenience but ask that you comply with the posted guidelines and the requests of Library staff.

  • Use the library booking system to reserve space.
  • MAIN FLOOR ONLY IS OPEN. Please don’t try to use the stairs or elevator to lower floors.
  • Group study rooms are closed.
  • NO FOOD ALLOWED. Help us reduce the burden on those who keep our campus clean.

Practice Kindness, Patience and Courtesy

The College has a well-deserved reputation as a friendly, caring community. Let’s keep that going in these especially challenging times. Respect others’ safety. Be patient with those who are here to help. Many things are as new and different for those who work in the Library as they are for our community. Mistakes and glitches are inevitable. Working together we can maintain – and continue to improve – our support for you, and for the rich instructional, research and creative life of our community. Questions or concerns about these policies? Please contact Dean of the Library

Modified 2022-12-12