The library had a campus-wide license agreement for the citation software EndNote. This license agreement ended on 12/1/2009 and our right to use the software covered under that agreement ended 6 months later. Before 6/1/2010, all copies purchased under the library license agreement should have been uninstalled.


Zotero is a free alternative citaion mamagemnet utility many people on campus use.

Zotero instructions and links from our  Libanswers Page.

Purchase EndNote at a discount

Because we had a campus-wide agreement, New Paltz faculty and staff are eligible to purchase EndNote software.

There is a special page set up for our purchases at the following URL.

You will need a license number to complete the install and we have placed the license number on Blackboard. On Blackboard it is under the "Content Collection" tab in the "Library Content" section and then in the folder named "Library Content." The file is named "EndNote Upgrade Discount.doc".

Also please be aware that EndNote should send you an email confirmation with a special KeyCode number that is also required durring install.

Modified 2020-07-14