Mvet Truth

A gift to the Sojourner Truth Library by the late Terry Adkins, the piece is a tribute to the spirit of Sojourner Truth. The late Mr. Adkins, an internationally known artist and former faculty member, said of this piece “MVET is onomatopoetic, it refers to the sound made by some West African instruments. It is also symbolic of [Sojourner Truth’s] love of music and her angelic nature.”

Mr. Adkins NY Times obituary documents his extraordinary artistic range, and helps place in context the significance of this important gift to the Library.

Formerly mounted in the main entrance lobby, the sculpture was removed in November 2014 in preparation for the $14 million Library renovation.  A formal celebration of the re-installation is planned for Fall 2018.

Mvet Truth Sculpture by Terry Adkins
Modified 2018-04-07