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Discovering Great Film Directors
Films On Demand showcases newly added programs perfect for film studies courses. These documentary programs, some with never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, explore the works of several of the most compelling storytellers of our time.
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Discovering Bunuel (Item #154805)
Discovering Zeffirelli (Item #154804)
Discovering Huston (Item #154801)
Spielberg (Item #145183)
Birth of the Living Dead (Item #141796)
Looking for Truffaut (Item #154803)
Jean-Luc Cinema Godard (Item #154802)
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Roe v. Wade Reargument Heard by U.S. Supreme Court, October 11, 1972
No Choice series (Item #155811)
Life and Death in Texas: Abortion Frontline of America (Item #149978)
12th & Delaware (Item #115191)
Abortion: Stories Women Tell (Item #135601)
Abortion: The Choice (Item #41920)
Inside Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic series (Item #56115)


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