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General Works, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Back to top

B187.T7 N54 2004–Spectacles of truth in classical Greek philosophy : theoria in its cultural context / Andrea Wilson

BF109.F74 U59 2005–Freud’s requiem : mourning, memory, and the invisible history of a summer walk / Matthew von Unwerth

BF175.5.T73 A38 2005–Objects of our desire : exploring our intimate connections with the things around us / Salman Akhtar

BF637.H4 B375 2004–Kindness in a cruel world : the evolution of altruism / Nigel Barber.

BF701 .B85 2005–Adapting minds : evolutionary psychology and the persistent quest for human nature / David J. Buller

BH301.P78 A48 2003–The particulars of rapture : an aesthetics of the affects / Charles Altieri.

BJ1012 .R55 2004–Introducing ethics / Dave Robinson, Chris Garratt ; edited by Richard Appignanesi.

BJ1533.C7 M55 1995–How to want what you have : discovering the magic and grandeur of ordinary existence / Timothy Mille

BR516 .F43 2005–Divided by God : America’s church-state problem– and what we should do about it / Noah Feldman.

BR526 .U86 2004–Conservative Christians and political participation : a reference handbook / Glenn H. Utter and Jame

BS521.7 .K38 2004–Biblical narrative and the death of the rhapsode / Robert S. Kawashima.

BV4655 .H374 2005–Losing Moses on the freeway : the 10 commandments in America / Chris Hedges.

BX1378.6 .A45 2005–Pope Benedict XVI : a biography of Joseph Ratzinger / John L. Allen, Jr.

History of Civilization, Archeology, Chronologies, Geneology, Biography Back to top

CR113.5 .C67 2005–The Confederate battle flag : America’s most embattled emblem / John M. Coski.

CT1828 .C5214 A3 2004–China’s son : growing up in the Cultural Revolution / Da Chen.

CT1828.C5214 A3 2002–Sounds of the river : a memoir / Da Chen.

History: General and World History Back to top

D523 .W578 1999–Capital cities at war : Paris, London, Berlin, 1914-1919 / [edited by] Jay Winter and Jean-Louis Rob

D530 .E44 1989–Eye-deep in hell : trench warfare in World War I / John Ellis.

D639.S7 P76 2003–Female intelligence : women and espionage in the First World War / Tammy M. Proctor.

D639.W7 G73 2002–Women and the First World War / Susan R. Grayzel.

D764 .B75513 2004–Stalin, the Russians, and their war : 1941-1945 / Marius Broekmeyer ; translated by Rosalind Buck.

D769.1 .O46 2005–In time of war : Hitler’s terrorist attack on America / Pierce O’Donnell ; introduction by Anthony L

D804.3 .L57 2004–Escaping Auschwitz : a culture of forgetting / Ruth Linn.

DA570 .H36 2005–The Edwardians / Roy Hattersley.

DF287.P3 P37 2005–The Parthenon : from antiquity to the present / edited by Jenifer Neils.

DG826 .A78 2005–Between salt water and holy water : a history of Southern Italy / Tommaso Astarita.

DS779.23 .D48 2005–Foreign babes in Beijing : behind the scenes of a new China / Rachel DeWoskin.

DS79.76 .I7275 2005–The Iraq War and democratic politics / edited by Alex Danchev and John MacMillan.

DS79.769 .F45 2004–What we owe Iraq : war and the ethics of nation building / Noah Feldman.

DS872.M53 W55 2004–The lone samurai : the life of Miyamoto Musashi / William Scott Wilson.

DS932 .L56 2005–Great leader, dear leader : demystifying North Korea under the Kim Clan / by Bertil Lintner.

DS934.6.K44 M37 2004–Under the loving care of the fatherly leader : North Korea and the Kim dynasty / Bradley K. Martin.

DT30.5 .M455 2005–The fate of Africa : from the hopes of freedom to the heart of despair : a history of fifty years of

DT3000 .M45 2005–Where we have hope : a memoir of Zimbabwe / Andrew Meldrum.

DT397 .W76 2005–I didn’t do it for you : how the world betrayed a small African nation / Michela Wrong.

History: America Back to top

E169.1 .B217 2005–The American revelation : ten ideals that shaped our country from the Puritans to the Cold War / Nei

E184.G3 C652 2004–Translating America : an immigrant press visualizes American popular culture, 1895-1918 / Peter Cono

E184.S4 G74 2001–The people with no name : Ireland’s Ulster Scots, America’s Scots Irish, and the creation of a Briti

E185.86 .F72813 1997–Black bourgeoisie / by E. Franklin Frazier.

E302.6.F8 F89 2005–Atlantic cousins : Benjamin Franklin and his visionary friends / Jack Fruchtman, Jr.

E805 .N43 2004–Happy days are here again : the 1932 Democratic convention, the emergence of FDR–and how America wa

E860 .W67 2005–The secret man : the story of Watergate’s Deep Throat / Bob Woodward.

E97.65.N85 C43 2004–Assimilation’s agent : my life as a superintendent in the Indian boarding school system / Edwin L. C

E99.E7 A84 2005–The way of Inuit art : aesthetics and history in and beyond the Arctic / Emily E. Auger.

History: America – Regional, State Back to top

F128.3 .N585 1999–The New York pop-up book / edited by Marie Salerno ; consulting editor, Arthur Gelb ; [ designed by

F1776 .G68 2004–Cuba : a new history / Richard Gott.

F2659.A1 T45 2004–Race in another America : the significance of skin color in Brazil / Edward E. Telles.

F392 .H39 M35 2000–Osceola : memories of a sharecropper’s daughter / collected and edited by Alan Govenar ; illustrated

Anthropology, Folklore, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Sports, Recreation Back to top

G3201 .C1 2004 .W67–World atlas of natural hazards / [ edited by ] Bill McGuire … [et al.].

GV838.L44 Y66 2005–Sixteen years in sixteen seconds : the Sammy Lee story / by Paula Yoo ; illustrations by Dom Lee.

Social Sciences Back to top

HC102.5.G68 R46 2005–Dark genius of Wall Street : the misunderstood life of Jay Gould, king of the robber barons / Edward

HC152.2 .B75 2005–Offshore : the dark side of the global economy / William Brittain-Catlin.

HD4484.N7 R68 2005–Garbage land : on the secret trail of trash / Elizabeth Royte.

HD5706 .E475 2005–Emerging labor market institutions for the twenty-first century / edited by Richard B. Freeman, Joni

HD58.7 .P86 2004–International perspectives on organizational behavior and human resource management / Betty Jane Pun

HD58.8 .H3614 2004–Handbook of organizational change and innovation / edited by Marshall Scott Poole, Andrew H. Van de

HD59.6 .U6 R35 2002–Trust us, we’re experts! : how industry manipulates science and gambles with your future / Sheldon R

HD59.6.U6 S72 1995–Toxic sludge is good for you : lies, damn lies, and the public relations industry / John C. Stauber

HD6135 .T48 1998–Nice girls and rude girls : women workers in World War I / Deborah Thom.

HF5549.5.T7 B4815 2004–The blended learning book : best practices, proven methodologies, and lessons learned / Josh Bersin.

HG4026 .S78 2003–The definitive guide to managing the numbers : the executive’s fast-track to mastering spreadsheets,

HM1121 .A47 2003–Peace in everyday relationships : resolving conflicts in your personal and work life / Sheila Alson

HN90.S65 R49 2004–Minding the machine : languages of class in early industrial America / Stephen P. Rice.

HQ25 .J83 2003–Dr. Tatiana’s sex advice to all creation : the definitive guide to the evolutionary biology of sex /

HQ76.2 .G4 R4 1981–The Nazi extermination of homosexuals / Frank Rector.

HQ769 .G249 2002–Silver spoon kids : how successful parents raise responsible children / Eileen Gallo, Jon Gallo.

HQ799.2.V56 B76 2004–Patriarchy matters : toward a gendered theory of teen violence and victimization / Lyn Mikel Brown,

HT147.C48 T68 2002–Town and country in China : identity and perception / edited by David Faure and Tao Tao Liu.

HV6529 .S32 2005–Natural born celebrities : serial killers in American culture / David Schmid.

HV8652 .G52 2004–The ethics and politics of asylum : liberal democracy and the response to refugees / Matthew J. Gibn

Political Science Back to top

JC251.A74 P56 2001–Hannah Arendt and the politics of tragedy / Robert C. Pirro.

JK1924 .W343 2005–Freedom is not enough : Black voters, Black candidates, and American presidential politics / Ronald

JN906 .G85 2004–The blood of our sons : men, women and the renegotiation of British citizenship during the Great War

Law Back to top

KF226 .A27 2005–Speaking freely : trials of the First Amendment / Floyd Abrams.

KF4774 .F745 2005–Freeing the presses : the First Amendment in action / edited by Timothy E. Cook.

KF8210.C5 P48 2004–The rights of Indians and tribes : the authoritative ACLU guide to Indian and tribal rights / Stephe

KFX1247 .B64 2005–Courtroom 302 : a year behind the scenes in an American criminal courthouse / Steve Bogira.

Education Back to top

LB2369 .L54 2005–How to write a BA thesis : a practical guide from your first ideas to your finished paper / Charles

LB41 .H679 2005–Holding values : what we mean by progressive education : essays by members of the North Dakota Study

LC2778.L34 R43 1998–The real ebonics debate : power, language, and the education of African-American children / edited b

LC4093 .S46 2005–Taught by America : a story of struggle and hope in Compton / Sarah Sentilles.

LF795.L692953 N4–Summerhill; a radical approach to child rearing. With a foreword by Erich Fromm.

LJ51 .S43 2001–Secret sisters : stories of being lesbian and bisexual in a college sorority / edited by Shane L. Wi

Music, books about Music Back to top

ML1015.G9 B753 2005–Guitar : an American life / Tim Brookes.

ML167 .M87 2004–Music and the Muses : the culture of ‘mousik�’ in the classical Athenian city / edited by Penelope

ML286.8.L5 F67 2005–London : a musical gazetteer / Lewis Foreman and Susan Foreman.

ML3485.7.S56 S55 2001–Banda : Mexican musical life across borders / Helena Simonett.

ML3531 .K58 2005–Why white kids love hip-hop : wankstas, wiggers, wannabes, and the new reality of race in America /

ML3534 .T39 2003–False prophet : fieldnotes from the punk underground / Steven Taylor.

ML3580 .C36 2003–Celtic modern : music at the global fringe / edited by Martin Stokes, Philip V. Bohlman.

ML410.H476 C76 2005–Room full of mirrors : a biography of Jimi Hendrix / Charles R. Cross.

Art Back to top

N85 .S84 2005–Art practice as research : inquiry in the visual arts / Graeme Sullivan.

N8842.N7 H43 2005–City art : New York’s Percent for Art Program / essay by Eleanor Heartney ; introduction by Adam Gop

Language and Literature Back to top

P107 .O88 2005–Empires of the word : a language history of the world / Nicholas Ostler.

P93.5 .S35 2004–Understanding the visual / Tony Schirato and Jen Webb.

P96.E25 N45 1992–Sultans of sleaze : public relations and the media / Joyce Nelson.

PG3041 .W328 2004–The Cambridge introduction to Russian poetry / by Michael Wachtel.

PG3456.A13 C65 2005–Chekhov : the four major plays / in new translations by Curt Columbus.

PJ7858.U8 T513 2004–A child from the village / Sayyid Qutb ; edited, translated and with an introduction by John Calvert

PK6449.E1 S77 2005–Strange times, my dear : the PEN anthology of contemporary Iranian literature / edited by Nahid Moza

PL2919 .S55 W3613 1998–Playing for thrills / Wang Shuo ; translated by Howard Goldblatt.

PL2919.S55 C4213 2000–Please don’t call me human / Wang Shuo ; translated by Howard Goldblatt.

PN1995.9.W3 W36 2005–The war film / edited and with an introduction by Robert Eberwein.

PN441 .S63 1993–Gaps in nature : literary interpretation and the modular mind / Ellen Spolsky.

PN842 .S73 2004–Autobiographical Jews : essays in Jewish self-fashioning / Michael Stanislawski.

PQ2431.Z5 F35 2005–Madame De Sta�l / Maria Fairweather.

PQ8180.17.A73 A813 1988–Love in the time of cholera / Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez ; translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossm

PR2976 .G368 2004–Shakespeare after all / Marjorie Garber.

PR6031.R45 N6 1989–Not so quiet : stepdaughters of war / Helen Zenna Smith ; afterword by Jane Marcus.

PR6119.T79 A63 2005–Accelerando / Charles Stross.

PR9499.3.T535 Z465 2005–Bookless in Baghdad : reflections on writing and writers / by Shashi Tharoor.

PS3503.R167 B73 2005–Bradbury speaks : too soon from the cave, too far from the stars / Ray Bradbury.

PS3509.L43 W3 2005–The annotated Waste land with Eliot’s contemporary prose / edited, with annotations and introduction

PS3575.O795 Z477 2004–Remains: non-viewable / John Sacret Young.

PS3613.I591 F35 2004–The fallen nightingale : a novel / John W. Milton.

PZ8 .G326 Fi 1989–The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins / by Dr. Seuss.

Science Back to top

QA76.9.H85 C645 2005–Cognitive technology : essays on the transformation of thought and society / edited by W. Richard Wa

QB807 .J64 2005–Miss Leavitt’s stars : the untold story of the woman who discovered how to measure the universe / Ge

QP624 .D53 2001–DNA and aspects of molecular biology / [volume] editor, Eric T. Kool.

Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology Back to top

RC1206 .O355 2005–The encyclopedia of sports medicine / Elizabeth Oakes ; foreword by Connie Lebrun.

RC1230 .B79 2005–Juicing the game : drugs, power, and the fight for the soul of Major League Baseball / Howard Bryant

RC550 .L44 2003–Hysterical men : war, psychiatry, and the politics of trauma in Germany, 1890-1930 / Paul Lerner.

Agriculture Back to top

Technology, Engineering, Aeronautics, Photography, Handicrafts Back to top

TP355 .K86 2005–The long emergency : surviving the converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century / James Howar

Military Science Back to top

U29 .C68 2005–Chariot : from chariot to tank, the astounding rise and fall of the world’s first war machine / Arth

Naval Science Back to top

Medicine Back to top

Library Science, Bibliography Back to top

Z711 .H437 2002–Helping the difficult library patron : new approaches to examining and resolving a long-standing and

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