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General Works, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries

AM7 .C59 2006–A companion to museum studies / edited by Sharon Macdonald.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion     Back to top

B808.67 .O84 2006–Personal autonomy in society / Marina Oshana.

BF311 .B576 2006–Mind as machine : a history of cognitive science / Margaret A. Boden.

BF313 .C28 2000–The hero with a thousand faces [sound recording] / Joseph Campbell.

BF38 .H448 2007–Psychology’s interpretive turn : the search for truth and agency in theoretical and philosophical ps

BJ352 .B67 2006–Real American ethics : taking responsibility for our country / Albert Borgmann.

BL48 .B53 2006–The Blackwell companion to the study of religion / edited by Robert A. Segal.

History of Civilization, Archeology, Chronologies, Geneology, Biography     Back to top

CC72.4 .H36 2006–Handbook of gender in archaeology / edited by Sarah Milledge Nelson.

History: General and World History     Back to top

D804.3 .P3776 2006–Open wounds : the crisis of Jewish thought in the aftermath of Auschwitz / David Patterson.

DS145.S273 J83 2006–Jean-Paul Sartre and the Jewish question : anti-antisemitism and the politics of the French intellec

DS425 .B79 2001–The quest for the origins of Vedic culture : the Indo-Aryan migration debate / Edwin Bryant.

DS557.7 .V545 2004–Vietnam, a television history [videorecording] / a co-production of WGBH Boston, Central Independent

DS59.K86 N38 2005–The Kurds and the state : evolving national identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran / Denise Natali.

DS706 .C4873 2007–China / Alison Bailey, Ronald G. Knapp … [et al.] ; foreword by Anchee Min.

DS79.76 .O634 2006–Operation homecoming : Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front, in the words of U.S. troops and their

DS907.18 .K64 1990–Korea, old and new : a history / Carter J. Eckert … [et al.].

DT1974.2 .L66 2000–Long night’s journey into day [videorecording]: South Africa’s search for truth & reconciliation / I

History: America     Back to top

E169.12 .L54 2007–The fabric of America : how our borders and boundaries shaped the country and forged our national id

E184.35 .J5 2007–Jews and American popular culture / edited by Paul Buhle.

E184.A1 E573 2007–Encyclopedia of American race riots / edited by Walter Rucker and James Nathaniel Upton ; foreword b

E184.A1 P53 2007–Two-faced racism : Whites in the backstage and frontstage / Leslie Houts Picca, Joe R. Feagin.

E905 .C36 2006–Campaign for president : the managers look at 2004 / edited by the Institute of Politics, Harvard Un

Electronic Resource–JSTOR (electronic resource) [electronic resource].

History: America – Regional, State     Back to top

Anthropology, Folklore, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Sports, Recreation     Back to top

G370.I2 R86 2001–Traveling man : the journey of Ibn Battuta, 1325-1354 / written, illustrated, and illuminated by Jam

GB611 .G56 2006–Global deserts outlook / [produced by Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA), United Nation

GC21.5 .Y68 2006–Modern marine science : exploring the deep / Lisa Yount.

GC211.2 .S65 2006–Extreme waves / Craig B. Smith ; illustrations by Kurt Mueller.

GF75 .L564 2007–Gaia’s revenge : climate change and humanity’s loss / P.H. Liotta and Allan W. Shearer.

GN282 .D43 2007–Debating humankind’s place in nature, 1860-2000 : the nature of paleoanthropology / Richard G. Delis

GV1746 .M36 2006–Glamour addiction : inside the American ballroom dance industry / Juliet McMains.

GV709.3 .M37 2006–Sports and the physically challenged : an encyclopedia of people, events, and organizations / Linda

GV838.53.S85 W55 2007–Contested waters : a social history of swimming pools in America / Jeff Wiltse.

Social Sciences     Back to top

H61 .R39 2006–New directions in social theory : race, gender and the canon / Kate Reed.

HC427 .C448 2006–China as the world factory / edited by Kevin Honglin Zhang.

HD31 .N49 2007–My secret life on the McJob : lessons from behind the counter guaranteed to supersize any management

HD4904.25 .F473 2006–Families, states and labour markets : institutions, causes and consequences of family policy in post

HD53 .G745 2007–Hot spots : why some teams, workplaces, and organizations buzz with energy– and others don’t / Lynd

HD5827.A6 P47 2006–Perspectives on work, employment and society in Japan / edited by Peter Matanle and Wim Lunsing.

HD5854.2.U6 S53 2006–The shadow workforce : perspectives on contingent work in the United States, Japan, and Europe / San

HD6483 .F88 2006–The future of organised labour : global perspectives / Craig Phelan (ed.).

HD69.S8 T37 2006–Wikinomics : how mass collaboration changes everything / Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams.

HD6957.U5 A485 2006–America at work : choices and challenges / edited by Edward E. Lawler III and James O’Toole.

HD6971 .K3678 2004–The global evolution of industrial relations : events, ideas and the IIRA / Bruce E. Kaufman.

HD8039.T162 U636 2007–Taxi! : a social history of the New York City cabdriver / Graham Russell Gao Hodges.

HD9560.5 .M3185 2007–Oil on the brain : adventures from the pump to the pipeline / Lisa Margonelli.

HF1770.5 .W47 2006–Who gains from free trade? : export-led growth, inequality and poverty in Latin America / edited by

HF5387 .S553 2007–From hire to liar : the role of deception in the workplace / David Shulman.

HF5429.215 .U6 M37 2007–Wal-smart : what it really takes to profit in a Wal-mart world / William H. Marquard with Bill Birch

HQ1236 .S37 2007–Fight like a girl : how to be a fearless feminist / Megan Seely.

HQ1236.5.M65 W66 2005–Women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa : citizenship and justice / edited by Sameena Naz

HQ796 .S284 2007–Teenage : the creation of youth culture / Jon Savage.

HQ806 .D78 2007–Lust in translation : the rules of infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee / Pamela Druckerman.

HT147.5 .C574 2007–Cities of the Middle East and North Africa : a historical encyclopedia / Michael R.T. Dumper and Bru

HT1575 .K456 2006–Understanding white privilege : creating pathways to authentic relationships across race / Frances E

HV2545 .W55 2007–Black deaf students : a model for educational success / Carolyn E. Williamson.

Political Science     Back to top

JC251.P636 P65 2006–The political imagination in history : essays concerning J.G.A. Pocock / edited by D.N. DeLuna, assi

JC578 .H386 2006–The handbook of reparations / edited by Pablo De Greiff.

JC596.2.U5 E53 2007–Encyclopedia of privacy / edited by William G. Staples.

JK2261 .S863 2006–Political parties matter : realignment and the return of partisan voting / Jeffrey M. Stonecash.

JK468.I6 W44 2007–Legacy of ashes : the history of the CIA / Tim Weiner.

Law     Back to top

KF425 .P669 2007–A dictionary of statutory interpretation / William D. Popkin.

Education     Back to top

LB1139.35.C64 S57 2006–A guide to developing the ICT curriculum for early childhood education / Iram and John Siraj-Blatchf

LB1574 .M27 2006–American bee : the National Spelling Bee and the culture of word nerds : the lives of five top spell

LB2806.4 .T77 2004–Trust matters : leadership for successful schools / Megan Tschannen-Moran.

LC2669 .P73 2007–The Praeger handbook of Latino education in the U.S. / edited by Lourdes Diaz Soto ; foreword by Ant

Music, books about Music     Back to top

M1366.G66 E87 2007–The essential Benny Goodman [sound recording].

M1520.S9 A6 2007–Stravinsky/Prokofiev [sound recording].

M1681.C918 F476 2007–Mi sueño [sound recording] / Ibrahim Ferrer.

M1690.18.J69 R5 2005–“Rio Bahia” [sound recording] / Joyce with Dori Caymmi.

ML3477 .J68 2006–The songs that fought the war : popular music and the home front, 1939-1945 / John Bush Jones.

ML3780 .G56 2006–Work songs / Ted Gioia.

ML385 .S582 2007–The house that George built : with a little help from Irving, Cole, and a crew of about fifty / Wilf

ML410.K385 B36 2006–Jerome Kern / Stephen Banfield ; with a foreword by Geoffrey Block, general editor.

ML55 .C56 2007–On Bunker’s hill : essays in honor of J. Bunker Clark / edited by William A. Everett and Paul R. Lai

Art     Back to top

N345 .D26 2006–Look! : the fundamentals of art history / Anne D’Alleva.

N7350 .M26 2005–History of Japanese art / Penelope Mason ; revised by Donald Dinwiddie.

NB1040 .C516 2006–Chinese sculpture / Angela Falco Howard … [et al.].

NC1305 .P46 2007–U-X-L graphic novelists / Tom Pendergast and Sara Pendergast ; Sarah Hermsen, project editor.

NK3636.5.A2 B53 2006–Islamic calligraphy / Sheila S. Blair.

Language and Literature     Back to top

P107 .O98 2006–The Oxford handbook of the philosophy of language / edited by Ernest Lepore and Barry C. Smith.

P118 .Y359 2006–The infinite gift : how children learn and unlearn the languages of the world / Charles Yang.

P151 .R725 2007–The prism of grammar : how child language illuminates humanism / Tom Roeper.

PL2690.S33 T47 2007–Three kingdoms and Chinese culture / edited by Kimberly Besio and Constantine Tung.

PL698.W65 E5313 2006–A Cultural history of Japanese women’s language / Endō Orie.

PL8014.S6 A88 2006–Rewriting modernity : studies in Black South African literary history / David Attwell.

PN1968.U5 C85 2007–Vaudeville, old & new : an encyclopedia of variety performers in America / Frank Cullen with Florenc

PN1992.3.U5 B36 2007–Same time, same station : creating American television, 1948-1961 / James L. Baughman.

PN1997 G3 2007–Gandhi [videorecording] / Carolina Bank ; Goldcrest Films International ; Indo-British ; Internation

PN2860 .E53 2007–Encyclopedia of Asian theatre / edited by Samuel L. Leiter.

PN43 .B65 2005–Brewer’s dictionary of phrase & fable.

PQ6073.S33 S39 2006–Science, literature, and film in the Hispanic world / edited by Jerry Hoeg and Kevin S. Larsen.

PR2831 .A23 2000–Romeo and Juliet [videorecording] / dParamount Pictures presents a BHE film ; the Franco Zeffirelli

PR6003.E282 A19 2001–Beckett on film [videorecording] : 19 films x 19 directors / Blue Angel Films ; Tyrone Productions ;

PS 3535.A547 A94 2005–Atlas shrugged / Ayn Rand.

PS3525.I5156 T5 1996–The theater essays of Arthur Miller / edited with introductions by Robert A. Martin and Steven R. Ce

PS3535.A547 F6 2005–The fountainhead / Ayn Rand ; with an introduction by the author ; afterword by Leonard Peikoff.

PS3562.E353 T6 2006–To kill a mockingbird [sound recording] / by Harper Lee.

PS3566.R697 A63 2005–Accordion crimes [sound recording] / by E. Annie Proulx.

PS3608.A5474 Z46 2007–Without a map : a memoir / Meredith Hall.

PS3619.H328 B37 2007–The bastard of Istanbul / Elif Shafak.

PS374.S35 M37 2005–Dying planet : Mars in science and the imagination / Robert Markley.

PS508.C27 L66 2005–“Look for me all around you” : anglophone Caribbean immigrants in the Harlem Renaissance / edited by

PT8951.26.E88 U813 2007–Out stealing horses / Per Petterson ; translated by Anne Born.

PZ10.3.M5785 Old 2007–Old Mother bear / by Victoria Miles ; illustrated by Molly Bang.

Science     Back to top

Q175.2 .M87 2006–Exploratopia / by Pat Murphy, Ellen Macaulay, and the staff of the Exploratorium ; illustrated by Ja

QA99 .M378 2007–Mathematical masterpieces : further chronicles by the explorers / A. Knoebel … [et al.].

QB843.B55 V57 2006–Einstein’s enigma or black holes in my bubble bath / C.V. Vishveshwara.

QB855 .C64 2007–Nebulae and how to observe them / Steven R. Coe.

QC21.3 .H35 2008–Fundamentals of physics.

QC863.5 .G37 2008–Stellar science projects about Earth’s sky / Robert Gardner ; illustrations by Tom LaBaff.

QC981.3 .G383 2008–Wild science projects about Earth’s weather / Robert Gardner ; illustrations by Tom Labaff.

QH541.2 .P696 2006–The human experiment : two years and twenty minutes inside Biosphere 2 / Jane Poynter.

QL122.2 .Y68 2007–Across the wide ocean : the why, how, and where of navigation for humans and animals at sea / Karen

QL430.3.O2 M373 2007–Octopuses / by Sandra Markle.

QL554.C8 M55 2007–100 butterflies and moths : portraits from the tropical forests of Costa Rica / Jeffrey C. Miller, D

QL644.2 .W595 2007–Life-size reptiles / written by Hannah Wilson.

QL666.C925 K45 2006–Crocodile : evolution’s greatest survivor / Lynne Kelly.

QL666.O63 O84 2007–Boas and pythons of the world / Mark O’Shea.

QL689.A1 R47 2007–Birds of northern South America : an identification guide / Robin Restall, Clemencia Rodner, Miguel

QL695 .S24 2006–A complete guide to Arctic wildlife / Richard Sale ; photographs by Per Michelsen and Richard Sale.

QL696.S473 B367 2007–Penguins, penguins, everywhere! / by Bob Barner.

QL82 .M34 2006–Endangered : wildlife on the brink of extinction / George C. McGavin.

QM25 .T748 2004–The architecture and design of man and woman : the marvel of the human body, revealed / Alexander Ts

QP376 .H66 2007–How the brain grows / Ann McIntosh Hoffelder and Robert L. Hoffelder.

QP376 .L577 2007–The accidental mind / David J. Linden.

QP376 .R58 2007–A day in the life of the brain / Ana Maria Rodriguez.

QP401 .C76 2006–Blushing and the social emotions : the self unmasked / W. Ray Crozier.

QP443 .B585 2007–Spaces speak, are you listening? : experiencing aural architecture / Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Sa

Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology     Back to top

R733 .L37 2007–Alternative medicine / Christine A. Larson.

RA410.A3 D53 2007–Dictionary of health economics and finance / David Edward Marcinko, editor-in-chief ; Hope Rachel He

RA644.P7 E34 2006–Plague ports : the global urban impact of bubonic plague,1894-1901 / Myron Echenberg.

RC553.A88 T87 2007–The encyclopedia of autism spectrum disorders / Carol Turkington, Ruth Anan.

RC571 .B69 2007–Down syndrome / Marlene Targ Brill.

RJ505.A7 H43 2007–Healing the inner city child : creative arts therapies with at-risk youth / edited by Vanessa A. Cam

RJ507.A29 G552 2006–Helping abused and traumatized children : integrating directive and nondirective approaches / Eliana

RL803 .C76 2004–The poisoned weed : plants toxic to skin / Donald G. Crosby.

Agriculture     Back to top

Technology, Engineering, Aeronautics, Photography, Handicrafts     Back to top

TJ825 .W59 2007–Developing wind power projects : theory and practice / Tore Wizelius.

TK5103.4 .A53 2003–Fixed broadband wireless system design / Harry R. Anderson.

TK7874 .A428 2002–CMOS analog circuit design / Phillip E. Allen, Douglas R. Holberg.

TL220 .W49 2006–Who killed the electric car? [videorecording] / a Chris Paine film ; a Dean Devlin/Plinyminor produc

TP810 .R45 2005–The ceramic process : a manual and source of inspiration for ceramic art and design / European Ceram

TR139 .C65 2005–Conversations with contemporary photographers / [Nan Richardson, publisher].

Military Science     Back to top

Naval Science     Back to top

Medicine     Back to top

Library Science, Bibliography     Back to top



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