Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves refers to documents the & reading materials instructors keep on their course pages on Blackboard. The library no longer scans and uploads documents to blackboard for faculty but we are willing to assist and we have scanners available here in the library if you need access to a scanner. Content is uploaded to course folders located in the eReserves section of Blackboard, materials are only visible to students enrolled in those courses.

Copyright Limitations

In compliance with the Copyright fair use guidelines the following materials can be placed on electronic reserves:

  • One article from a journal per class per semester
  • Up to 10% or 2 chapters of a book’s contents per class per semester whichever is less.


For general information on managing courses on blackboard here are the Blackboard support pages documents. From there you can also submit questions as a support ticket.

Blackboard for faculty / staff support documents

If you have any questions about this change in library involvement in eReserves?

E-mail- eres@library.newpaltz.edu
Phone: (845)257-3716

Modified 2018-09-27