Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserve is a service offered to instructors to upload their course reading material and documents to Blackboard. Content is uploaded to course folders located in the eReserves section of Blackboard, materials are only visible to students enrolled in those courses.

How to submit materials for eReserves:


  1. Instructors are required to fill out a course card for each course.
  2. Each submission whether they are an article or a book chapter must be accompanied by a cover page.

To process your eReserves submissions quickly all forms must be complete. Any incomplete forms will delay the submission until the instructor provides staff with all missing information.


In compliance with the Copyright fair use guidelines the following materials can be placed on electronic reserves:

  • One article from a journal per class per semester
  • Up to 10% or 2 chapters of a book’s contents per class per semester whichever is less.

Submission Guidelines for Printed Copies

We will gladly accept printed copies of reading materials to be uploaded to Blackboard. However we cannot scan original books or magazines. The submission guidelines for printed copies are as follows:

  • Stapled copies will be rejected, please use paper clips or folders.
  • Copies must be clean or they will not scan properly. Any highlighting, fuzzy text, or shadows and the text will not be legible.
  • Pictures do not scan well, we cannot guarantee that they will be visible.
  • Copies must be 8 x 11 white or light colored paper.

Mail: Instructors may submit forms and copies of articles and book chapters via campus mail.

Library – Checkout Desk: Forms and printed copies may be submitted at the Checkout Desk. No third party, including Teaching Assistants, may submit forms or materials for eReserves. Instructors must be present at the time of submission and to make any changes.

Hand written forms must be in ink, pencil does not scan properly and will not be accepted.

All items/articles will be returned to faculty via the campus mail as soon as scanning is completed.

Please allow at least ONE week for new items/articles to be scanned and to appear on the Blackboard course page.

Electronic Submission Guidelines

Currently we are only accepting eReserves submissions via email.

Send completed forms and materials to eres@library.newpaltz.edu.

Please don’t forget to include a cover page form for each article/book chapter submission.

If you would like to upload digital content to Blackboard yourself, documentation may be found on Blackboard under “Teaching Faculty—Documents”.

Transferring eReserves to another Course

All articles/items are archived and can be transferred from one course to another. If you want archived items transferred to another course, simply list the items on a reserves course card. Items will be retrieved from the original course archive and placed on the Blackboard course page.

Transferring eReserves to a New Semester

At the end of every semester all articles/items are archived. If you want archived items available to your students for another semester, you can submit a new course card with the updated information. Instructors may also update old handwritten course cards and inform Circulation staff of any changes they would like to make.


Contact Us- Need help?

E-mail- eres@library.newpaltz.edu
Phone: (845)257-3716

Modified 2018-04-19