• The Faculty-Staff Quiet Study Room is reserved for faculty, staff, emeriti, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, retired faculty and staff, and faculty emeriti who wish to conduct quiet, individual work.
  • Students, even students assisting a faculty member, are not permitted in the Faculty-Staff Quiet Study Room.


  • The space designed for quiet, individual study: it is not a social space or a space for collaborative work that involves conversation. Please use other parts of the Library for these activities.
  • Please respect your colleagues’ right to a quiet space by silencing phones and other devices (computers, headphones, etc.) that could disrupt others’ quiet use of the room.
  • Seats may not be reserved. Except for brief breaks, please do not leave materials on chairs or at the tables.
  • Food and beverage policies follow Library policies.
  • All materials must be checked out at the circulation desk before being taken into the Faculty and Staff Quiet Study Room.


  • Please do not prop open the entry doors.
  • Wooden cubbies on west wall may be used to store personal materials for reasonable periods of time, but the cubbies are not secured and should not be treated as secure spaces for valuable materials.
  • Study carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Nothing may be left in them overnight or for extended periods, and they may not be reserved. Please be courteous to your fellow scholars by vacating the carrels when you are not actively using them.
  • Please do not leave materials on the tables for extended periods of time. The room will be periodically swept for Library materials. Please use the return shelf for materials you are no longer using.
  • The Faculty-Staff Quiet Room closes one half hour before the Library closes.
Modified 2021-10-21