Reference librarians offer library instruction sessions to classes as requested by faculty. The session can be geared specifically to the class requirements and include those reference tools that would be most useful to the students; or they can give students a basic introduction to the library services and material available. User guides, bibliographies and library maps are provided.  Library instruction fosters information literacy, the abilities to find, use and effectively evaluate information. For a greater understanding of information literacy, Click here to consult the bibliography and links provided.


To schedule a library instruction session, click here to fill out an online form or call Anne Deutsch at ext.3706; or come to the Reference Office on the main floor of the library and fill out a Library Instruction form. Please send a class syllabus and a copy of the assignment (where appropriate) to the Library Reference Office.

In order to allow us time to fully prepare, please try to schedule the class at least two weeks before the date you would like to bring your class. Certain times in the semester are particularly busy; therefore it is a good idea to have more than one date in mind.

Classes are normally held in STL 18 (the first doorway on the left as you head from the Library to the Lecture Center) or in LC 112.

Instructors are expected to accompany and remain with their classes during the session.

To request a library instruction session for you class, click here.

Modified 2018-04-19