The Student Research Symposium (SRS) provides an opportunity for students conducting research across all disciplines to share their work with the campus community. By posting projects presented at SRS on the SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository (DSpace) students have the opportunity to share their work more widely on the open web.

SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository

Hosted through a SUNY-wide DSpace platform, the SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository collects, preserves, and provides online access to selected scholarship produced at SUNY New Paltz. Our collections include special collections documents, master’s theses, and student research projects shared through the Student Research Symposium.

Requirements for Deposit

  1. The work must have been sponsored and/or created in whole or in part by New Paltz students. Students under the age of 18 submitting work must have a faculty sponsor and may be required to submit a FERPA release.
  2. The creator of the work must be able to grant SUNY New Paltz the right to preserve and disseminate the material through a freely accessible web platform.
  3. It is the responsibility of the submitter to secure any necessary co-authorship and/or copyright permissions. If authorship is shared with anyone else for any part of the work, permission must be obtained to include that content. If any content in the manuscript, including appendices, is already under another copyright, permission from the copyright holder to use that content must be procured. All such permissions must accompany a work at the time of submission.
  4. It is the responsibility of the submitter to meet all necessary general research compliance regarding human subjects (HREB), animal use (AUCC), and biosafety (IBC) for applicable research according to campus guidelines.
  5. The work must be approved by a member of the faculty or meet SUNY standards for scholarly, educational, and/or research-based content.
  6. The work must be submitted in one of the following approved digital formats:
    1. Text-based: PDF only
    2. Image: JPEG, TIFF
    3. Sound: Link to file on sound hosting platform
    4. Video: Link to Vimeo or Youtube

Depositing your Work

    1. Complete the DSpace Release Form. We require a signatures from each author, so you will need to print, sign, and scan the document, or sign it digitally.
    2. Confirm that you have all of your files saved in appropriate formats (see above requirements).
    3. Rename your files using the following format: author(s) last names (separated by underscores) followed by the year. For example:Nguyen_Tuttle_Sohotra_Winkelstein_2016.pdf
    4. Use our Online Submission Form to submit your work.
 It may take up to three months for your work to be made available through the repository. You may also be contacted by the administrator with clarification questions.

More Information

Navigating Intellectual Property Issues

When you sign a publishing agreement for your book or paper, the journal or press will often ask you to transfer all copyright for the work over to them. Unless you request that the contract stipulate what rights you retain, this may limit your ability to share your own work by the following methods of dissemination:

  • Posting the full text of your work on your web site or any other freely accessible online archive, including the SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository (DSpace)
  • Copying the work for your students
  • Granting permission for others at New Paltz and beyond to use your work for course or research purposes
  • Building on the research contained in the work for subsequent articles or books

So what can you do to retain certain copyrights for your work?

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), an international coalition of research libraries committed to increasing open access to scholarship, has created some helpful guidelines, including official addendum language for authors to request their publishers include in any formal contracts.

SPARC is aligned with Creative Commons, a set of copyright guidelines that define what can be shared (as opposed to what can’t) using the legal language of traditional copyright law.

Access Policy

The Repository is available on the open Web and is not password protected or limited to access by New Paltz affiliates. At this time, we cannot embargo or limit access to materials. We will make items available through DSpace as soon as they are processed, within three months of receipt of all submission materials.

Withdrawals and Corrections

The SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository is designed to provide long-term access to deposited material. Once deposited, content should not normally be modified. If there is an error in the metadata description of your work, please contact the repository administrator who will make the correction. If the depositor wishes to update an existing item, overlaying it with a new version, he/she must contact the repository administrator to explain why a new version should be preserved. To create transparency in the archive, replaced files will be accompanied by a note in the content description (“Content replaced at author’s request on [date]”). If content is supplemented by additional content files, those files should be named and dated accordingly.

Under rare circumstances, it may be necessary to remove material from the Repository. A request for removal should be directed to the repository administrator and include the reasons for withdrawal. The repository administrator may contact the requestor for additional information.

Original item records (not the item itself, but original metadata and description) are retained for all withdrawn content. These records will be displayed to users along with one of the following statements:

  • Item removed from SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository on [date] at the request of the author.
  • Item removed from SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository on [date] by legal order.
  • Item removed from SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository on [date] due to a violation of New Paltz Digital Repository policy.
  • Item removed from SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository on [date] at the Sojourner Truth Library’s discretion.

Administration of SUNY Dspace

The SUNY New Paltz Digital Repository is administered at the local level by the Collection Management Team with support from Sojourner Truth Library Faculty. SUNY-wide DSpace is administered by John Schumacher, Electronic Resources Coordinator for SUNY Connect.

Modified 2020-04-14