Sojourner Truth Library Statement on
Racism and Racial Violence

As horrific recent events remind us of the racism built into the social, legal, economic, religious, cultural and educational, systems of our nation, we in the Library stand with those who protest violence against Black people and people of color. We reaffirm, in so doing, our determination to ensure equitable, inclusive access to our resources, our commitment to anti-racist practice, and our pledge to use our skills and resources to advance the production of knowledge for social justice.

We commit to continued work within the Library and engagement with our community toward this end. If you would like to participate in a conversation about the Library’s role in anti-racism on campus, or to suggest other ways the Library can help to end structural racism, please email

The Faculty And Staff of STL

W. Mark Colvson
Dean, Sojourner Truth Library

June 2020

STL Anti-Racism Actions page