Library Color Printer

The HP Color LaserJet M750 is located by the post directly in front of the tech desk. This is only for student printing. Printing to it uses 5 pages (50 cents) of print quota for every page. Double sided pages are 1 dollar. 

On the PCs we can’t set a friendly printer name, the names are set by the campus network device naming convention which is a short version of the location and the printer model number. This often shows as a path that also includes the print server name (a UNC path).

Our Color printer name is LIBRARY-CLJ-M750 and the print server is “gluon” it shows to users like this:


It is first on the list of printers in the print dialog box because it sorts alphabetically but it is not the default on any PC.


Printer Management

Color Printer Panel

Power button

  • On the right side under the panel.
  • This printer will quickly sleep when not used and it wakes quickly when a print job is in the queue.
  • To wake the printer press the Home button on the panel not the power button
  • Hold the button for just half a second to turn the printer on or off

Printer Panel

  • The Panel on this printer is not a touchscreen
  • Navigate the panel options or read instructions with the
    • Up, Down, OK, Back, & Home buttons.
  • Read the panel area for instructions when there is a printer problem
  • The Cancel Job button on the panel is the best way to cancel a job causing a problem.
    • Don’t cancel jobs unless you know they are causing a printer problem


Printer Layout and Trays

This printer has no open doors on the left side because the fuser opening is on the top-right.Trays and doors

  • The front door hides the cartridges but is of little value in removing paper jams. We only open the front door to replace ink cartridges.
  • The first tray (Tray #2) is a low capacity tray that is meant for odd and large size paper 
  • Trays 3 – 6 are normal 500 sheet letter size trays
    •  Fill tray 3 and 4 and dont fill the rest. Two full trays of standard paper should be enough at any time.
    • We havent had a high volume of color printing because of the cost
  • When filling trays make sure the size guides are exactly 8.5 by 11 (letter size)
  • Never fill a tray above the bend in the paper feed guide. Leave pages lower than the top of the tray to prevent mis-feed paper jams.


Toner Cartridges Low

Check the cartridges on the color printer every shift. There are 4 cartridges, C M Y K or (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). The Printer supplies page online can be used to track how much we have.

  • When it says a cartridge is low have a quick look at the supplies status page. (Main page then click Supplies Status)
  • If it says less than 2% or “Unknown” for any one of the cartridges change it.
  • If you see streaks and the cartridge is less than 10% change that cartridge.
    • BUT More than 10% take the cartridge out and gently shake it then put it back.


Changing a cartridge

  • Open the front door and carefully bring it all the way down flat or the cartridge won’t slide in or out easily
  • Each slot for a cartridge is labeled with a color matching and a letter code in case your color blind
    • Y    Yellow
    • M    Magenta (pink-purple)
    • C    Cyan (bright blue)
    • K    Black (K has been used for black in many color applications so as not to confuse it with blue)
  • Each cartridge has a plastic lip/handle under the color label
  • Put a couple fingers under the handle and slide it all the way out forward
    • NOTE: You will have to lift the front end a couple times as you pull to get it all the way out.
  • Insert the new cartridge
    • Use the instructions on the package to get it out of the package and ready to insert.
  • The top of the cartridge has a green glass cylinder NEVER touch the glass cylinder
  • The bottom of the cartridge has a Rail on the right.
  • Fit the Rail into the Slide track in front of the cartridge, then line up the back end with the opening and slide the cartridge all the way back.

Inserting cartridges looks like this:


Paper jams

  • Start with the doors on the right side of the printer. Open both the fuser door and the lower tray side doors.
    • Warning – the Fuser is HOT – be careful when removing paper from here.
  • The top right of the printer has an indented handle which you pull to open the fuser door. 
  • In the fuser drawer there is only one handle that lifts near the top Marked in green.
    • Don’t press or pull any blue handles or you could release the hot fuser itself. 
  • After all side doors are checked you then open the paper trays on the front of the printer to see if you need to remove paper from there. 

Paper Jam Locations

Modified 2018-10-16