Plustek Flatbed Scanner Instructions 

  • No scan editing software on the scanner, take your files to a PC to edit.  
  • Don’t use it for scanning books or regular text documents.  
  • Every scan makes separate JPEG (.jpg) images.  
  • Click “Covert to PDF” button on the PC to combine all JPEGs into one PDF 
    • No, OCR text will not be recognized. 


Line up pages 

  1. Pages line up to the lower left corner & face down & with bottom edge toward you.  
  2. Keep the lid closed. 


Scanner Button Actions by Number 

Only buttons 1-3 have been configured. 

  1. Single page scans large or small up to 12in by 17in 
  2. Split image makes 2 images by splitting the original into a left page and right page.
  3. Multiple objects spread out several small items, so they are not touching and each one becomes a JPEG file. 


Scan Files Window on the PC 

  • Double-Click on any image thumbnail or icon to see the file up close. 
  • Right-Click any image thumbnail and choose “Rotate left” or “Rotate right” if it’s sideways.  
  • Right-Click and choose “Delete” to remove images you don’t need. 



  • Power is on when the power indicator light is green. 
  • If power indicator is yellow press any scan button once to wake up the scanner  
  • Power on/off switch is on the right side near the back. 



Modified 2023-03-21