Laptop Instruction Contents:



The laptops are using web print for their wireless printing – along with the rest of the campus

When you first turn the laptop on you will get a chrome popup of the Web Print – log in

Make sure you log into this – if you don’t, you won’t be able to print.

NOTE: If you exited the window without logging in you can open the web print window using the icon on the desktop named ‘Log in to Print’

When you print you have 2 options

  1. You can go into web print
    1. Click on the icon for web print – you will see your pending documents on the front page
    2. Click on the printing button in the top right hand corner 
    3. Use the search bar to look up the printer you sent your document to (Example – Library-LJ1 for printer 1 or Library-LJ2 for printer 2) this will pull up the library printer queues. Or you can scroll to your printer. The printers are in alphabetical order, all of our printers start with ‘Library’.
    4. Choose the correct queue for the wireless print job.

NOTE: All the printers on campus have 2 queues in web print – Gluon (which is wired) and (which is wireless). Always choose the printer number with after the name in parenthesis

              5. Inside the correct queue you can release your print job


  2. Go to the familiar desktop view of printing

              1. Click on the icon on the desktop that sayd ‘Papercut Print Release


             2. Log into the desktop site – even though you already logged into Web Print

             3. Click the ‘Jobs Pending Release‘ link

             4. Release your print job from there




These are ultra-long lasting batteries and each one has a “Property of” sticker and tattle tape.
If you don’t see the “Property of” sticker you should call someone from the tech office to check it and make sure it’s ours and we will replace the sticker.


Each one has a Property of” sticker at the top of the keyboard and is equipped with tattle tape. Tattle tape does not always work on electronics so keep your eye out. Laptops should never go out of the security gate.



The rule is NEVER put away a laptop until you succeed in running the shutdown procedure. If you do not shut it down properly and then lend it out you will potentially be giving personal information from the previous user to the next user. 

If none of the procedures below work for any reason call library tech support or report the problem on the tech support form and set the laptop aside so we can fix it. Make sure to put a sticky or something on the laptop stating it is ‘out of order’ so no one mistakenly lends it out.

3 shutdown procedures:

  1. Keyboard shortcut 1Shift + Ctrl + S . Press these keys all at once and the laptop should shutdown.You will see the shutdown scripts running as is turns off. 
  2. Keyboard shortcut 2: Press the Windows Key + type XX then hit the enter key. This runs the same function if keyboard shortcut 1 does not work.
***Use procedure 3 ONLY If the laptop is stuck or frozen and you don’t have access to the other shutdowns.***
  1. Emergency shutdown: Hold down the power button for 10 seconds, that forces the power to cut off. Then you MUST turn it on again and run one of the keyboard shutdown procedures from above.
Note: A slightly tricky thing about # 3, the emergency shutdown: The PC will appear to shut down quickly BUT IT IS ONLY ASLEEP you must hold the power button down a full 10 seconds or it is not powered off.

If the laptop comes back on from the emergency shutdown and it is still stuck or frozen put a note on it and report it to the tech support office with the online report form.

NOTE: The shutdown icon on the laptop desktop just puts the laptop to sleep. Security software also prevents any changes made by users during usage, to any software on the laptop or the system itself, from remaining after a reboot. Files left in user folders and/or the desktop are cleared by the shutdown procedure. We did this to be able to assist students who have lost important files. 

 *See Finding lost files below.*



You should know that laptops are about 50% as reliable as plugged in wired network PCs. We also ask more of our laptops & PCs that have heavy security software. So you might get laptop questions often.

Here are a few general laptop facts:

  1.  All laptops cycle their processor speed up and down to save power, often causing timing problems with running programs and increase freezing or crashing.
  2. Wireless device connections vary greatly in speed. Any program currently relying on the network connection will be more likely to freeze or crash when not in a stationary position.



The laptops have the most lost file complaints because of the issues above, so we setup some space on the laptops that we can recover files from. (This is also why the shutdown procedure is so important it clears this space for the next user.)

The place on the PC we put aside is Drive D; which includes the Desktop, Downloads and Documents folders.

NOTE: If a file was opened directly from an email it does not get placed in Drive D and there is no way for us to recover it after a reboot!!
You can call library tech support for help but if you have to you can try the file recovery tools we have for yourself. 

Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F and try the first two tools we have set up there. The tool called undelete Plus is more difficult and you need to call for help if you find yourself needing to use that option.

  • If a patron is at the desk with a laptop and needs help doing something you can call Gary at ext. 3704, Amber at ext. 3709 or Kristy at ext. 3769. We will come out right away to help students in need.




We have an online tech problem reporting form on the web and we put a shortcut to this form on each Circ PC under a shortcut called ‘Laptop Problems’ on the desktop.

On the web page it can be found under Help the link “Library Tech Help” then click “Request Technology Help”

Library Tech Problem Form

  • If a laptop is having a problem that can’t be fixed you must use that form to tell us what the problem is. Be sure to include your email address because we may respond right away and/or need additional information.
  • If the laptop can’t be used place a note on it stating not to check it out, put it away in the cabinet and send us a report online.
  • If a patron is at the desk with a laptop and needs help doing something you can call Gary at ext. 3704, Amber at ext. 3709 or Kristy at ext. 3769. We will come out right away to help students in need.


Modified 2018-10-16