ST Imaging Software Quick Instructions

Make sure the PC and the scanner are on & pull the scanner carriage forward until the glass opens & load your fiche or film as shown on the ST ViewScan diagram.

There are 3 steps in the ViewScan software and each step uses a different tab at the top of the ViewScan Window. The options in each tab run down the left side of the screen as buttons.


  1. In Browse TAB – Find the pages you want & adjust the image
    • Start with Camera Positon / Zoom buttons (Optical Zoom) and Camera Focus buttons zoom-in just enough to see Dates, Issue markers & pages, (Rotate and invert if needed) then use that to find the correct spot to scan
    • Next use Camera Position/ Zoom-in as far in as you can for best quality then focus in until sharp
    • Only use Digital Zoom to make the part you want fit the screen
    • Use the “Manual adjustment” button to fine tune Contrast brightness etc.
  2. In Cropping TAB – Capture the pages or Article you want
    • Click & Drag the mouse from the top left of the part of the page you want to scan to the bottom right
    • Click “Capture Cropped” at the bottom and that page is done.
    • Position the next page usually in the browse Tab and repeat Capture in Cropping tab till all images you want are captured
  3. In File TAB – Email or save to USB – (NOTE: Don’t click the “Save to” button)
    • Select all the page icons you want and fill in the email address to send to & the Subject and the message. And click send.

See illustrated instructions PDF

Modified 2018-04-19