Optical Character Recognition, OCR, in the library

OCR simply means a way to recognize actual text inside images of text and these images are usually documents that have been scanned and saved as PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is no longer available on library public PCs due to new license restrictions so PCs in the public Area no longer have OCR capabilities. The Adobe Acrobat Viewer is a view only, free version that does not have OCR. 

Adobe Acrobat DC is only Available in the library in 2 places: the Quick Print PC in the scanner room & DASH Lab. 

The DASH lab is not always available because it has a schedule of classes and different staffing hours from the rest of the library. 

DASH Hours & Classes

Adobe Acrobat DC is available outside the library in many campus labs all over campus so OCR is available to student many places outside the library. 

**Note: You can request Adobe on your office PC by putting in a ticket on the campus Knowledge Base website: support.newpaltz.edu

Modified 2020-01-21