These are also printed and available next to the scanner

Paper Jam

Lift gently and push back on the edges of the caseDocument feeder with a jam

to open the back like thisback door of the document feeder open


Open the document flap and pinch the latch together and lift open like this

Document feeder lifting latch

Document feeder top open

Now papers should slide right out

Be sure to close the feeder gently but securely
Lift and press the back part closed at


Fix the Scanners Blinking Light

When the scanners green light is blinking it will not scan.
If the scanner light is blinking open and re-close the scanner as if you were removing a paper jam and turn the scanner off and back on by the switch on the back.

The on off switch is on the right side of the document feeder.(see image below)

document feeder right side
*The on off slide switch next to the cables*

If the Scanner Does Not Scan When You Press a Scan Button

After a stuck scan sometimes you have to clear previous scans before the scanner buttons will work. There is a button in the scanner interface program that can clear these scans.

Click on this button a couple times and try the scanner buttons again.

scanner program interface

fix scanner buttons button


When I click the copy button nothing happens

Sometimes when you click a copy button the prompt or message gets stuck in the background. This typically happens because you have double clicked or clicked on something else before the prompt you wanted could come up. Remember, click once and wait. You can bring background windows to the foreground with the keyboard.

  • Press ATL + TAB then release and whatever is in the background will be brought to the front. Since there could be more than one window stuck in the background you may have to do this several times to find the one you want.
  • Close or answer NO to any windows or prompts until the one you want comes up. If you don’t see the prompt you need try the copy button again after clearing all the background windows.
Modified 2018-03-16