With VDI you have more virtual desktops and more software available to use online than ever before.

The VDI VMware Client is installed on every library public PC. The VDI server on campus hosts several different Virtual desktops and depending on what department you're in and what classes you take different desktops will be available. Each one is like logging on to a fully configured campus PC with all of our software only you don't have to be on campus; you can be anywhere in the world.

VDI is where to find any piece of software that is not on the library computers

When students ask for things like the following they are on the VDI:

  1. Adobe Acrobat (editing version)
  2. Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing
  3. ArcGIS
  4. IZArc
  6. Microsoft Office
  7. Minitab Solutions
  8. Python
  9. SPSS Inc
  10. Wolfram Mathmatica

We have a link to the VDI on every public PC.

On the desktop of all the library public PCs you'll find the VDI Shortcut Icon.

The VDI VMware Client Icon

*VDI Icon*

Once you click on that double click the icon inside labeled vid.newpaltz.edu and login.

Inside you'll find one or more choices of desktops to choose from. Win7Lab is the default. But you may see others based on your major and classes as stated above.

The VDI program showing desktop choices


At the top of the VDI window is a button for connecting USB drives and the campus recommends you save there when using VDI. You can also save to your campus N: drive (student network storage space) If you see the N: drive under your Computer icon inside the Virtual PC.

NOTE: it may not be on every Virtual Desktop.

If the N: drive is available then when you save to the N: drive it will be immediately available to you anywhere you log on to a campus PC including the library public PCs on the N: drive.
Connect a USB drive to VDI

VDI USB connect

Where to find the N: drive campus student network drive:
The N: drive shows in the Computer folder with your user ID

Printing is easy!

In most cases the default printer on the PC you are using should install as the default print in any Virtual Desktop you connect to. It takes a few seconds after login and may not happen with every model of printer you set up at home.
Showing the library printer installed on the VDI

For VDI install instructions and much more about VDI look on the campus academic computing web site:

All about the Campus VDI