Wireless Printing From your Personal Laptop:

  1. Download a printer to your Personal Laptop
  2. Bookmark a Papercut Release Page
  3. Print and release jobs


Download a Library Printer to your Laptop:

List of library printers:

  • Printer 1
  • Printer 2
  • LateNight Room
  • Color Printer

**Keep this page open to copy and paste the above Library Printers URLs into your windows laptop

Quick Installing for a Library Printer Windows Laptop:

  1. Copy the URL for the printer you want from the list above
  2. In windows search bar find Devices and Printers and select add a printer
    • In Windows 7 select Wireless Printer on the pop up window 
  3. Click the ‘The printer I want isnt listed’ link when the PC is scanning for printers
  4. Click “Select printer by share name” option and paste in the URL for the library printer from the list above
    • Only ever use this option to connect a printer
  5. Select HP from the left menu on the driver popup window
    1. Select any “HP LaserJet 9000” series driver to run the printer

Quick Installing for a Library Printer MAC Laptop:

  1. Click the Apple icon on the top left hand side of your MAC screen and select System Preferences from the drop down menu
  2. Click the Print & Scan Icon
  3. Clcik on the plus (+) sign 
  4. Scroll and select a Library printer from the wireless printers available
  5. Click add and the printer is now installed on your machine


Full “Adding a printer” instructions for your operating system


Bookmark a Papercut Release Page:

Bookmark the Papercut Web Client Page:


Bookmark the Papercut Desktop web release page:


Papercut Web Client works like this:

  • First, install a library wireless printer with the instructions below 
  • Sign on to the web client here: http://print.newpaltz.edu/webclient
  • Print to one of the campus wireless printers you installed
    • The job will show up in the web client jobs on the web client’s web page
  • Click the “Printers” button in the upper right 
  • Find and select the printer you sent the job to and click on it. The list is alphabetical
    • You will see two queues for each printer.
      • Choose printer queue names that end in (print.newpaltz.edu)
  • Release the job from the printer queue
  • If you can’t find your print job log on to the Non-Wireless Papercut web release page below
    • Click on the Jobs Pending Release link on the left,
    • Then select and release your print jobs to the printer

 Papercut Desktop web release page works like this:

This is the Papercut release page you see on all library desktops so many might be more comfortable using this relese page rather than the Papercut Web Print release page. 

  1. Go to the Non-Wireless Papercut web release page
    1. https://gluon.newpaltz.edu:9192/user
  2. Click on the Jobs Pending Release link on the left, then select and release your print jobs to the printer


Modified 2018-09-06