First select how to save files:

  1. On the touch screen accept the conditions to get started
  2. For sending by email press the “Use Shopping Cart” basket icon
    For USB saving insert your USB drive & Press the “Direct Output save only” USB icon
    (WE RECOMMEND USB, there is a size limit in email)
    Basket or USB Save icons
  3. If using USB
    • Choose file format
    • Select Multipage: Yes or No (Yes- each page will be a single file named your file name with a number. No-One file will multiple pages named your file name) 
    • Enter the name of the file

To start scanning:

  1. Layout the first pages of the book you are scanning & press the Scan button
  2. Use your fingers to pull the page edges as flat as you can
  3. Crop the pages with the red squares on the screen so they only contain the pages
  4. Press SAVE to save the scan for USB
    For email press ADD to add to basket
    Scan and Email or Scan and Save
  5. Repeat for all pages
    • USB only: For new files select the NEW icon near the SAVE icon to create a new file for different scans

When finished:

  1. If using USB just press “Logout” at the top after last save and confirm
  2. If using Email:
    • Press the Open Cart icon
    • Press the Email button
    • Then, enter your Outlook campus ID and send
    • Finally, press “Logout” at the top and confirm
(Only Hawkmail will work for email)

Zeta Scanner MORE Detailed Instructions LINK

Modified 2023-09-05