Troubleshooting Database Access Problems

View your browser's current configuration and get instructions on changing settings.
Access to our databases is restricted to current SUNY New Paltz students, faculty and staff.
Some ISPs, such as AOL and Compuserve, use proprietary versions of browsers, which can cause problems for EZProxy (our remote access software). As a workaround, connect to the provider, minimize the session, then use Netscape, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to access the library's databases.
If you use Road Runner High Speed service you may have problems using Internet Explorer with some of our databases, download Mozilla Firefox.

New versions of browsers allow you to block popup windows and may block them by default. Some of our databases might require that popup windows be enabled. If you are having problems with a particular database or resource, try enabling popup windows and see if the problem is resolved. Remember to re-enable the popup blocker when you finish using the resource. If your browser gives you the option to allow popups from certain sites, add to the list of sites allowed.

  • Internet Explorer - under Tools, click Pop-up Blocker
  • Mozilla Firefox - Under Tools, select Options, then Web Features, uncheck Block Popup Windows

If you receive the following error: To allow /login?url=http:/ to work, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize this within the ezproxy.cfg file.

Within this database's section of the file, the following line must be added:


The EZproxy server must then be restarted to make this change take effect.

Contact us so we can fix it, be sure to let us know what database you were trying to use.

If you have tried all the suggestions and are still having difficulties, please complete our help form or call (845)257-3710 during library reference service hours