Space Descriptions and Guidelines for Reserving Meeting Rooms, Events and Display Spaces

Use of our space should support academic and or creative mission of SUNY New Paltz . Submit requests at least 3 business days in advance of your event.

Booking a library space for your event

  • For all spaces other than Bridge Gallery; Please submit a Space Reservation Request Form all forms submitted are sent to: See below for Bridge Gallery. 
  • There is minimal tech support available.  If you believe you will need technical help, please indicate on request form.
  • If you find it necessary to rearrange any of the items in the room or space, please return them to their original locations.
  • Please be sure that all lights and equipment in the room or space are turned off and that the door is locked prior to leaving.
  • In general, food is not allowed in the room M39 other than snack items and drinks in covered containers.
  • For events that will involve food, make sure to indicate specifics on Spaces Reservation Request Form.
  • Please ensure that all cleanup is complete and all participants have exited the building by 11:30 p.m.
  • Student groups reserving conference room space (M39) at Sojourner Truth Library must submit a description of the event, including the name of the Faculty Monitor who will be present at the event. Student groups will be able to meet during the hours between 8:00am and 5:00pm.


By acceptance of any room reservation, you are agreeing to abide by established guidelines.

Failure to comply with the established guidelines may result in future denial of privileges in reserving space in Sojourner Truth Library.


Room Descriptions:

M39 Conference/Meeting Room (room capacity 25)

  • This is a conference room with large conference table comfortably seating 16 at the table with additional room for seating 10 comfortably away from the table.
  • There is additional room to fit two 6’ tables for display or catering
  • Technology available: web camera with a microphone, speakers, document camera, wireless Apple TV
  • Individual events only (no recurring booking)

Lobby (room capacity 46)

  • This space is a public area and may be used for performances, seminars, information and outreach.
  • There are four 6’ folding tables and 40 chairs available and must be requested at the time the Lobby reservations are made.
    • Additional tables and chairs must be arranged for by the organization with Campus Auxiliary Services.
  • There is limited audio video technology available and must be requested at the time the Lobby reservations are made.
  • Video projection not recommended for morning events.

Bridge Gallery Display Cases

  • This is series of 12 glass enclosed display cases, 6 located on either side of the bridge entrance from the Lobby into the main floor of the library. 
  • Each case measures 54”w x 52.5” h x 4”d, has locks and lighting at the top of the case that is on all the time
  • Please contact Morgan Gwenwald in the library about gallery displays.


Modified 2018-11-01