Every library public PC has 3 primary printers installed and our printers have a numbered sign on top, Printer 1, 2, or 3.

  • Printer 1 is named – Library-LJ1-M806
  • Printer 2 is named – Library-LJ1-M806
  • Printer 3 is named – Library-LJ1-M806
  • Color Printer is named – LIBRARY-CLJ-M750

You can choose between these printers at the top of the print dialog box in most programs.

Fix Common Printing Problems


The Repair Printing Shortcut Fixes Multiple Printing Problems

The Repair Printing shortcut can be found on the Desktop, the Windows Task bar and in the list of programs available when you click the start button. Repair Printing can fix several kinds of printing problems.

Such as:

printing shortcuts

  • If the PC tells you no printers are installed-click it & login when asked to, the printers will magically appear.
  • If print jobs never appear in PaperCut because network login did not work; Click it, login and in a couple minutes they are there.
  • If you get an error that causes printing on the PC to crash. Click it, login and the printing restarts.

PROBLEM: My PDF document does not print or prints only a few pages
FIX / TIP: ‘Print As Image’ Option

In Adobe Acrobat click print and click the Advanced button. In advanced select ‘Print as image’. Click OK and print the document. This makes the document slightly larger in file size and often helps you get past corrupt data that may be in your PDF document preventing it from printing.

PROBLEM: Only the top menu or side menu prints

Always click on a blank area in the section of the page that contains what you want to print before you print. Here’s why: Many pages are broken down into sections called frames and the browser will not know what frame you want to print unless you click on it first.

PROBLEM: My default printer is down or busy with a line around it.

At the top of the print dialog box choose a different printer from the printer name box before you click print.

PROBLEMS: The web browser crashes when I load/print a document, OR The page does not look right on the screen, or The browser tells me I need a plug-in

All stations have Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. If one does not like the page or document a different one might do better. You can copy the web address from the top of one web browser and paste it into the address box of the other and you might be able to get directly to where you left off. In Firefox you will see icon buttons for the other browsers so you can launch into another browser with one click.

PROBLEM: Where are my print jobs in the queue?

On the desk top or tool bar of every PC you can find a shortcut called, Printers Folder. Double click a printer in that folder to find the printer queue for each. Under the Owner section of the queue you will see your log in name on all of your jobs.

PROBLEM: PowerPoint and printing more than one slide per page.
FIX / TIP: Choose Handouts In the Print dialog

Do not click the printer icon in Power Point instead go to the File menu (ribbon) and choose Print. At the bottom of the print dialog box in the Print What: box choose Handouts then on the right choose between 2 to 6 per page.
TIP: Choosing 3 per page gives you note taking space on the right.


Print Multiple pages per sheet in Word

Click on the File menu (ribbon) and then click print. In the print dialog on the right choose “Pages Per Sheet”

Print Multiple pages per sheet in PDF

Click the print button and then use the Scaling drop down box and choose multiple pages per sheet. Then set how many and see if it works in the preview window.

PROBLEM: The web browser window has no print button
FIX / TIP: Use the printing keyboard shortcut

Hold the CTRL key and hit the letter P to bring up the print dialog.