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SUNY New Paltz Collection (CHC 1998:1MAN) - 80 cu. ft.
The SUNY New Paltz Collection contains materials documenting the five major functions of the institution. These functions include:conferring credentials, conveying knowledge and conducting research, fostering socialization and standards, sustaining the institution, and promoting culture and providing public service.

William J. Haggerty Papers, 1927 - 1975 (CHC 1973:1MAN) - 60 cu. ft.
President of the College from 1944-1966. Haggerty instituted international studies for
undergraduate students.
Professional papers primarily from his association with State University of New York College at
New Paltz (SUC New Paltz) with some papers from earlier positions with the Tennessee Valley
Authority and the University of Connecticut and his graduate work at the University of Chicago.
Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, conference materials, programs,
contracts, addresses, legislative acts, catalogs, booklets, photographs, audio tapes of speeches
and programs, papers and speeches presented, lecture notes, and research papers. Subjects
include accreditation, Conference on World Affairs (1954-1970), educational associations and
organizations, International Relations Committee of the New York State Teachers Association
(1946-1951), foreign visitors to SUC New Paltz, staff and faculty at SUC New Paltz, college
budgets, students, and other administrative matters. Also, the correspondence files of
Haggerty's assistant, Robert C. Davidson, 1960-1967;and the files of his predecessor, Dr.
Lawrence H. Van den Berg, containing correspondence, reports, job descriptions, and financial
records pertaining to lectures, personnel, classes, appropriations, state regulations,
appointments, construction, students, and other issues, 1925-1943.

HDI# (NIC)NYUL58T-730-0002

Innovative Studies Program (CHC 1983:1MAN) - 25 cu. ft.
Innovative Studies was a program offering experimental courses and fieldwork, taught by faculty,
other professionals, and community people.
Alphabetical files contain bulletins, memoranda, letters, directories, reports, brochures,
minutes, and job descriptions concerning fieldwork assignments, grades, evaluations,
internships, teaching assignments, funding for projects, and other administrative concerns of
the office. Chronological files contain correspondence, proposals, memoranda, registration
records, evaluations, course catalogs, and resumes pertaining to courses, teachers, fieldwork,
and other projects sponsored by Innovative Studies. Files of Dr. Alvin S. Konigsberg, Director,
contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, notes, and contracts concerning
teachers, courses, budgets, and other administrative issues. Miscellaneous files contain
memoranda, minutes, forms, requisition orders, budgets, proposals, other financial records,
students' fieldwork contracts and journals, and reports.

HDI# (NIC)NYUL58T-730-0018

Sojourner Truth Records (STL 1986:1MAN) - 5 cu. ft.
Abolitionist, reformer. Sojourner Truth (ca. 1797-1883) was born a slave in Ulster County and
lived part of her life in New Paltz.
Materials about Sojourner Truth, including the cantata "Sojourner Truth"by Robert de Cormier
and Carl Abrams, ca. 1953;a play, programs, and clippings from activities honoring Truth put on
by the Downtown Community School, New York City, and Camp Woodland, 1953-1960;
materials from the dedication program of the Sojourner Truth Library in 1971 including
clippings, articles, facsimiles of documents concerning slavery and abolitionists, programs, and
audio tape;and other articles about Sojourner Truth's life. Other items include copies of letters
written for Truth by friends concerning her children, her grandson James fighting in the Civil
War, friendships, and her speaking itinerary, 1853-1864;copies of letters by Frances W. Titus
concerning Truth's health and activities, 1873-1876;and copies of clippings and notices about
her speeches, ca. 1850-1879.

HDI# (NIC)NYUL58T-730-0023
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Image Collections

SUNY New Paltz Historic Photographs on Hudson River Valley Heritage Web Site– 47 images
The Sojourner Truth library is a contributor to the Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) web site. The mission of HRVH is to provide universal access to a collaborative digital record of Hudson River Valley history and creativity.  A number of the most interesting photographs from the SUNY New Paltz Historic Photographs Collection and a few documents illustrating college history have been digitized and posted on this site allowing free and immediate public access.


SUNY New Paltz Postcard Collection (CHC 2001:1IMG) - 370 postcards
The collection consists of 370 postcards which chronicle the history and development of New Paltz, NY, from the late 19th century to the present. Three major areas of development are chronicled by the collection:the evolution of the State University of New York at New Paltz, the evolution of the village of New Paltz, and the evolution of the Huguenot Street national historic district.

SUNY New Paltz Historic Photographs Collection (CHC 2001:2IMG) - 190 photographs
The historic photographs collection consists of 190 print photographs ranging in both size and photographic process. The photographs document the history of higher education in the town of New Paltz, from the establishment of the first New Paltz Academy in 1828, to the present State University of New York at New Paltz.

Map Collections

Delaware and Hudson Canal Maps, 1875 - 1915 (CHC 1993:1MAP) - 16 maps, 2 cu. ft.
Manuscript surveys, drawings, and maps concerning Delaware and Hudson Canal property in
Sullivan and Ulster Counties, including the Masten Pond Reservoir, the village of Eddyville,
canal locks at Eddyville, Beaver Dam Reservoir, Sheldrake Reservoir, the village of High
Falls, and canal property at High Falls.

HDI# (NIC)NYUL58T-730-0001

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