PCs Available in the Library

We have 80 PCs on the Main Floor primarily for research and academic work. We also support library guests and faculty logins. We maintain all library public PCs.

All our Main Floor public PCs are numbered 1 – 80 on the PC tower. When reporting a PC problem, please refer to the number on the monitor.

Special Purpose PCs:

1. Group Study Room TV-PCs & M39 Conference Room PC

In the group rooms these Dell microPCs are mounted to the wall behind the TV and set up for that display. In M39 the PC is a lectern/media stand and displays to the Projector. 

More on the Group Rooms: Group Study Rooms 

2. Lending Laptops

We have about 40 laptops we loan at the circulation desk. They use the same wireless printing as the public PCs.

3. The LateNight Room Laptops

The library LateNight Room 8 laptops available on the cart they use every night. (when the Late Night Room is open)

4. Catalog-Only PCs

We have 1 Catalog-Only PC. It is on our concourse level. The PC is only for the library catalog and is restricted to:

  •  the catalog
  •  library databases
  •  campus web pages.​​

5. Zeta Book scanner

The Zeta is a face up book scanner that scans open books it can save to a USB drive and it can send small files via Email. You cannot print from this scanner.

Instructions are in the tech pages here: ZetaBookScanner

6. Flatbed scanner

This is made so patrons should not need any more instructions other than those that pop up on the screen. These stations are set up as “Get Your Scans & Go” stations. There is NO editing scans & NO printing scans on this scanner, you can do that elsewhere. 

Instructions are on in the tech pages here:  Plustek Fllatbed Scanner

7. Quick Print station

This station was a student suggestion. It is for printing only, NO editing & NO research. If all you want to do is print a paper and run over to class to hand it in, this is your station. This is also the only printer you can put custom paper in Tray 1. (we do not support paper wider than 8.5 inches)

8. Consultation PCs

The library offers in-depth research help, both one on one and in small groups, at the reference desk and group room 10

9. Microform Scanning PC

The Microform scanner is on the concourse level. There are instructions at the station but people often put them out of sight.

Here are the instructions as a PDF:
ST Image Microform Scanner 


Software on the Public PCs

We have the basics like multiple web browsers, so that in case something does not work in one browser, you can switch to another: Edge, Firefox & Google Chrome. 

The browsers have plugins for almost all online content, from documents, audio, video to basic 3D web environments.

Image Editors – simply tweak your pictures or get fancy

  • Paint.NET – Supports layers and effects. It is a good overall image editor
  • IrfanView Image Editor – For quick Copy, Crop & Resize

Media Players

  • Windows Media Center – DVD watching software
  • Windows Media Player – Universal media player and browser plug-in


VDI – Virtual Desktop Interface has tons of special software our students can use from anywhere on the planet.

Any piece of software that is not on the library computers can be found on the VDI. We have a link to the VDI on every public PC.

When students ask for things like the following, point them to the VDI:

  1. Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing
  2. ArcGIS
  3. IZArc
  5. Minitab Solutions
  6. Python 2.4
  7. SPSS Inc
  8. Wolfram Mathmatica

Our VDI Tips

Modified 2023-08-07